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Red Class News

 Red Class News

Red Class Friday Fanfare Spring 6

Hello Red Class,

There was lots of tearing, cutting, overlapping and sticking in our art sessions this week as we explored collage. We responded to different pieces of art including work by Henri Matisse and we explored colour, shape and line. We completed our project work by creating a collage of a very special place close to school...Forest School.  If you want to continue with your collage, I will keep your post card safe for when you return.

I was also pleased to see some super sequence work in gymnastics as we completed our unit of work. I noticed lots of jumps, rolls and travelling movements over benches, tables and the floor. It was also a great week for our dance skills as we became wake and shake champions! Well done Red Class!

Enjoy a lovely half term. Rest, play, relax and make memories.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx


Red Class Friday Fanfare Spring 5

Hello Red Class,

This week, we explored ‘Special Places’. We sketched some special buildings from around the world and shared and performed a poem about a special place, ‘At the Seaside,’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. You can find the poem here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43193/at-the-sea-side

Mrs Reid shared her experience of a Sikh wedding and we role played some of the events. We shared the story of Guru Nanak and thought about how we can be helpful at school and at home. We also discovered another special place called a gurdwara. Video clips and photographs helped us to investigate these special Sikh temples.  

Phonics sessions focused on trigraphs. We recapped igh and then read words with ‘ear’, ‘air’ and ‘ure’. You will find these trigraphs in your phonics books with some example words. Read the words and then draw 1 or 2 pictures.

Your phonics books are now complete. Keep looking back in your books to remind yourself of letter shapes (graphemes) and letter sounds (phonemes). Particularly look at ‘qu’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘th’ and ‘ng’. After half term, we will send home handwriting books to support home learning. Well done Red Class.

Finding the difference was the focus in Maths. We used stories, role play and a range of equipment to compare two small numbers. The children are definitely growing in confidence to find and work out the difference.

During PE, we discovered new ways to travel including walking like a monkey, bear and caterpillar. We combined travelling movements with rolls and tried hard to move with control. 

Just a reminder, please keep toys safe at home. Please send in any cardboard tubes or small boxes for our junk modelling box. Next week, we will explore collage in Art and we’ll design and make postcards for special places using our collage skills.

Rest, play and enjoy the weekend my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx

Red Class Friday Fanfare Spring 4

Hello Red Class,

Today a little girl said to me, "Mrs Webb, I think this has been my favourite day at school" and I think it's been one of my favourite days too! Singing our ‘Skye Boat’ song in assembly, listening to the fantastic ceilidh band and parading our teddies in a fashion show, were just some of the highlights. The teddies even shared our snacks today! You worked hard to make your kilts and even designed and printed your own tartan pattern. I hope your teddies enjoy wearing their kilts at home with you.

This week, we recapped some digraphs including 'ai', 'oi','ur' and 'er' and we played keyword games for 'are' and 'all'. We also started to write some labels and short phrases too.During handwriting sessions, we focused on ‘s’, ‘f’ and 'i'. Next week, we’ll continue with ‘l’ and ‘t’ as we begin these letters the same way as ‘i’.

On Monday, our topic will change to ‘Special Places.’  RE sessions will focus on Sikhism and we will find out about Sikh temples but our idea of a special place will also stretch to special places across the world. So, if you have a special place or building that you would like to talk about, please send in a photo or a picture. We will also change our learning partners.

Enjoy the weekend Red Class. I need a rest after all our ceilidh dancing!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cainxxx 

Red Class Friday Fanfare Spring 3

Hello Red Class,

From making maps to telling the time, we’ve had a very busy week. We discovered the sound and action for ur (fur), er (her), oi (coin) and ow (cow). We enjoyed using the clocks to read and find times to the nearest hour and we had a lot of fun timing activities with the sand timers.  In handwriting sessions, we practised ‘g’ and ‘q’ and revisited ‘c’,’o’, ‘a’ and ‘d’. Mrs Cain was also very busy helping you to make tree cookies and necklaces in the outdoor area. You were very sensible using the saw and drill.  If you haven’t made a necklace yet, don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities this term.  

On Monday, remember to pack a small teddy. We’re going to make a kilt, during our textiles work, for your teddy to wear. We’ll host a teddy fashion show for our Nursery friends. Next week, it’s our turn to visit Hetty (our school dog). We’re very excited!   

Have a lovely weekend Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx

Red Class Friday Fanfare Spring 2

Dear Red Class,

We’re feeling a little tired this week. Well, I certainly am! It must have been the fitness circuit at the start of the week when Eden Francis visited. Eden is a shot put and discus thrower who represents Great Britain. It was really interesting to listen to Eden talk about her diet and training. I think we’ve got some aspiring athletes in Red Class now. We were also really lucky because Eden allowed me to film her as she read ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance.’ We’re going to use this story for our next ‘story swap’ at school.

We’ve worked really hard in lessons this week too. We’ve discovered igh (light), oo (moon and book), or (fork) and ar (barn). We’re growing in confidence to read words using our new sounds. Try to find these digraphs (two letters) and trigraph (three letters) in your reading books or at home.

We recap previously taught letter sounds every day at school so, in time, you will learn to ‘see and say’ these sounds straightaway. Please leave ‘Phonics Book 2’ in your book bag as we add letter cards to these books every week. Book 2 was handed out just before Christmas, if you’re missing a book, please pop a note in the book bag and we’ll make a new one. Phonics book 1 can stay at home.

Communication and Language lessons were filled with rich language as we explored key pictures from ‘Katie Morag Delivers the Mail’ and we also started to retell the story with actions. It’s a little trickier than ‘The Enormous Paella’ but we like a challenge! I was very impressed with your story maps!

This week, I've noticed lots of children starting to make marks and write letters during play and explore time. You’ve been making cards, party invites, stories and all sorts of interesting things. You’ve made such a great start to your handwriting sessions. We’ve explored c, o, a and d where we use a ‘round and back’ action. We know that our lower case letters always start from the line.

Maths sessions focused on ordinal numbers. So, we’ve been reading, using and talking about ordinal numbers across the week (1st/2nd/ 3rd etc.). We explored ordinal numbers through races and by using objects. We’ll keep using ordinal numbers during our daily routines such as finding the second person in the line or describing the colour of the 5th cube in your egg box.

Well done for being brave in the mornings now that Mrs Reid is standing by the wooden door. We’ll position Mrs Reid on the balcony next week. Let’s see if you can walk to your classroom like the older children. Mrs Cain will be on standby for any little ones who need a little cuddle.

Sadly, Miss Davis has finished her first placement in Red Class. She will now move to a different school to gain experience in a different year group. However, she will return later in the year to complete a second placement at Blackwell. Thank you Miss Davis for all your help so far this year.

Right my little ones, I’ll see you Monday,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx


Red Class Friday Fanfare Spring 1

Hello Red Class,

Thank you for a lovely first week back at school. You all looked refreshed and ready to start learning again and you certainly enjoyed your Christmas holiday. This week, we started our new topic, "Off to Scotland." We explored some of the adventures of a little girl called Katie Morag. On our very first day at school, we were visited by Mrs McColl. She helped us to find out about Katie Morag and where she lives on the Isle of Struay. Remember, Mrs McColl returns whenever Mrs Webb wears Mrs McColl's special necklace. Hopefully, we might see her again next week. 

You behaved beautifully on our school trip to Birmingham. The dancing, costumes, acting and special effects were amazing in Peter Pan. Even the foyer was a super experience with all the wonderful costumes hanging from the ceiling. 

You will find 'ai' (rain), 'ee' (sheep) and 'oa' (boat) in your phonics book. You will also see 'or' (corn) in your book because 'ee' and 'or' work together in Jolly Phonics. We will revisit 'or' next week. You will also find a newsletter on parent app outlining our learning for this half term. 

Just a reminder, Forest School will take place on Mondays at 1.40pm with Mrs Cain. The children should wear jogging bottoms and trainers on this day. In fact, we'll be half-dressed for PE! On the topic of PE, lessons will continue on Monday mornings and this term we'll be jumping, rolling and making shapes in gymnastics. When you return on Monday, we will be meeting a very special sporting star. Eden Francis will be visiting school to help you with your exercises and to talk about her work as an athlete (shot put and discus). 

See you Monday Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Miss Davis


Forest School on Mondays

Dear Families,

We have some exciting news for Mrs Cain! Forest School will now take place on Mondays during club time. The older children already visit Forest School with Mrs Cain and we feel our little ones are ready to do this too. The children should wear jogging bottoms and trainers on Mondays. Please don't worry if they wear jogging bottoms and trainers on Fridays by mistake. I will probably wear my Forest School clothes too! Please send in their usual warm items of clothing including thick socks. Forest School will run between 1.30pm and 3pm. The children can still choose an 'early leave' any afternoon. 

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to pop in after school. 

Mrs Webb 

Red Christmas Fanfare

Dear Red Class,

Well done for completing your first term at school! Over the last few weeks, you’ve worked very hard to rehearse and perform 4 plays, including DVD filming and a dress rehearsal. I’m a very proud teacher because I know so many of you were poorly and tired and for a lot of you it was your first time in front of such a big audience. Well done my little stars!

Here is your homework for Christmas:



-Enjoy spending time with your family.

Merry Christmas and we can’t wait to see you again in 2020!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Miss Davis xxxx

Red Class Friday Fanfare - 13th December

Hello Red Class,

This week, you worked very hard to rehearse your Christmas play and today we filmed your little production.  Thank you to your families for sending in items for your costume. You all looked fantastic.  At such a young age, it always amazes me how you manage to sing, dance and put on a great show. I know it’s Christmas when a costume falls down or a tea towel falls off! It wouldn’t be the same without those moments.

Leading up to this week, we’ve been learning about the Christmas story using songs, story books, story cards and role play props. Each morning, we’ve listened to a popular Christmas song linked to the Christmas story. The children have recognised the songs from being in the car or at home and we’ve enjoyed talking about the meaning of the lyrics.

In phonics lessons, we’ve looked at sh (bush), ch (chop), th (thin) and ng (wing). If you’re missing these cards from your phonics book, then please send your book into school and we will stick them in for you. You can keep your first phonics book at home. We will complete your second book in the New Year.

Over the weekend, please practise the words to our Red Class song, ‘Away in a Manger’. We’re singing the first two verses. You might find the following website helpful: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06q8m3c

Thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas Fair. If you were unable to attend, we still have a few Forest School wands left to sell. They will be available until the end of next week. We also have a star from the top of one of the wands that was found on the path outside school. Please pop into school, if this belongs to you.

Finally, we will send PE kits home on Thursday after the Christmas performances.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Miss Davis xxx

Red Friday Fanfare - 29th November

Hello Red Class,

We finished ‘Blackwell Bear Travels’ in style. You performed a fantastic Spanish song and dance in assembly and then you performed your retell throughout the morning. Today was a great day to meet new friends and to share your learning. We also enjoyed visiting different classrooms to learn about different parts of the world and to sample some delicious treats. A big ‘thank you’ to Mrs Davis-Green for reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, in Spanish, a record-breaking 8 times. The children liked using a familiar story to learn new words and phrases and my Spanish vocabulary has grown dramatically.

Our new topic will be ‘Christmas’. As you know, we’ve already started the dances and songs for our Christmas play. Over the next few weeks, we will learn about the Christmas story and why Christmas is a special time for Christians.  

In your book bags, you will find a costume slip. The slip outlines your part and some items of clothing for your costume. In the past, parents have bought packs of tights and shared them between the children. Where a top is requested, you can send tops with logos into school and we will turn them inside out. Tops can also be bought in packs and shared.

If possible, please return your costume in a bag with the costume slip attached. If you need any help or information, please pop into school.

You’ll find a new phonics book in your book bag tonight with ‘y’, ‘z’ and ‘qu’. We also discovered ‘zz’ this week, where two letters make one sound e.g. buzz, jazz.  

I hope you have a super weekend my little stars. Rest, play and perhaps say a few words in Spanish. J

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Miss Davis xxxx

Red Friday Fanfare - 22nd November

Dear Red Class,

Next Friday (29th November), we’ll be taking part in our world showcase event, instead of visiting Forest School. During the showcase, we will retell ‘The Enormous Paella’, sing a Spanish song and serve a type ofSpanish cake. So, we’ll spend the beginning of the week taste testing and making cake!  I can’t wait!

Thank you to all our families for attending parent consultations.  It was really lovely to share the children’s learning and progress with you.  Rest, relax and enjoy the weekend Red Class and I’ll see you next week. By the way, you will find j, v, w and x in your little blue books.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Miss Davis xxx

Red Friday Fanfare - 15th November

Dear Red Class,

We started the week exploring Remembrance Day. We used the story “Five Minutes’ Peace’ to think about the meaning of the word peace before making a wreath of poppies for our door.

This week, we used our rhyming skills to read ‘be', ‘me’ and ‘he’. We played a game of ‘Snap’ to help the children to match keywords. Games, like ‘Snap,’ are a great way to support turn taking and visual memory skills. Next week, we will learn the last few single letter sounds and a new set of letters will be sent home in the blue books.  

You were super at exploring length this week. We used the vocabulary of short, shorter, shortest, long, longer, longest and the same. Can you compare the length of items at home? Maybe, you could compare socks!

We try not to mention Christmas before 1st December, however, we have started to learn songs and a dance for our Christmas play at St Catherine’s Church. Every Thursday, we join together with Green Class to sing songs from the play. So, you might start hearing Christmas songs at home.

I’m really looking forward to talking to your parents next Tuesday and Wednesday for our termly meeting. This is an opportunity for your parents to look at your books and to find out about your learning at school.

Thank you for helping us to raise money for Children in Need. We hope they have a successful night. Finally, I hope the weather looks a little brighter over the next few days. Rest, play and enjoy the weekend!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Miss Davis xxxx   

Red Class Fanfare

Hello Red Class,

You’ve settled back into school beautifully and made a great start to our new topic, ‘Blackwell Bear Travels’. Thank you for collecting lots of items linked to Spain. We’ve looked at books, photos, a flamenco dress and many more fantastic items.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing ‘The Enormous Paella’ with you. This story is based on ‘The Enormous Turnip’. Rather than pulling out a turnip, we’ve been stirring a paella! We use the Pie Corbett style of storytelling to help the children to learn stories by heart. This approach also helps the children to build a bank of story language. We use story maps, sequencing cards and actions to retell the story. At the end of this topic, we will retell ‘The Enormous Paella’ as part of our Spanish showcase.

In Maths, we made numbers between 6 and 10 using egg boxes.  To do this quickly, we made 5 by filling one side of the egg box and then we added the rest of the cubes. So, we made 6 with 5 cubes and 1 more cube and 7 with 5 cubes and 2 more cubes. We also discovered how to subtract a number of cubes from an egg box to make a number. So, we made 9 by filling the egg box and subtracting 1. Later in the week, we used tally lines to represent a number to 4.

In Phonics, we recapped previously taught letter names and sounds. Please use your little sound book at home to practise your letter sounds and names, particularly b, h, n and u. We also spent the week generating, reading, matching and spelling rhyming words. When we teach keywords in school, we try to group rhyming words together so that we can begin to see letter patterns. You were very good at telling me that ‘no’ and ‘go’ were rhyming words because they both end with the same sound. Can you think of another word to rhyme with 'no' and 'go'?

You will find a pack of information, from our curriculum workshop, in your book bag. The pack should contain the following:

-Reading and writing PowerPoint slides

-Keyword games sheet

-Letter formation sheet

-Handwriting progression sheet from Reception to Year 4

-Maths PowerPoint slides

-Maths games sheet

-Reception mental maths objectives

The main messages from the meeting included:

1. Use pure sounds when reading. Try not to add  –er to the end of sounds.

2. When reading at home, walk through the book first. Talk about the story and orally rehearse the sentences in the story before asking your child to read. Walking through the book will help to build confidence and fluency.

3. We start formal letter formation in January. However, we’re helping the children to write their first name using cursive letter formation.  We use Write Dance, which is a music and movement scheme, to prepare the children for writing. We also practise spelling using magnetic letters, letter tiles and similar resources and we build sentences using word cards. 

4. Count backwards just as much as you count forwards.

If you would like to find out more about how we teach reading, writing and maths, please pop into school.

Rest, play and have a lovely weekend Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Miss Davis xxx

Red Friday Fanfare - 25th October

Hello Red Class,

I hope you’re enjoying the first day of your holiday. Have you played your game yet? I wonder, how many noses and eyes have fallen off your hedgehogs? I hope you enjoy playing with your puppet too. Don’t worry if you were away on the last day. Your puppet and board game are safe at school and waiting for you.

A big ‘WELL DONE’ for this half term. You’ve achieved so much and I feel very proud of the progress you have made in Red Class. When we return, our new topic will be ‘Blackwell Bear Travels’ and we'll be finding out about Spain. If you have any photos or objects linked to Spain, please bring them in after the holiday

Rest, play and stay safe and I’ll see you after the half term break.

Mrs Webb xxx

Red Friday Fanfare 18th October

Hello Red Class,

Today, Oak, Oak, Ash (Forest School version of Duck, Duck, Goose) was our introductory game. Games like this help us to understand how to move around a fire circle safely. We listened to the story of ‘Grandfather Oak and the Little Acorn’ which supported our work on seeds and growth. We then used acorns and other seeds to make snails. When the rain started to fall, we returned inside for a warm drink and snacks.

During Phonics sessions, we looked at words with ss, ll and ff. We discovered that two letters can make one sound. I’ve popped some example words into your little blue books but you don’t need to draw any pictures. We added ‘no’ and ‘go’ to our keyword list. We’re growing in confidence to read these words by sight.

In Maths sessions, we subtracted small numbers using equipment and created subtraction number stories. We also performed a song called ‘Beans’ which helped us to count back from 5, 10, 15 and 20. There were lots of jelly, jumping and baked beans in the classroom!  

In play and explore time, the puppet show area was popular.  You enjoyed performing shows with your mini-me puppets. We will send your puppets home next week.  

Show and tell was fantastic with lots of super achievements to share and pictures linked to our autumn topic. It was lovely to share the children’s home learning.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend Red Class. Next week, we’re creating autumn board games.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx

Cardigans and jumpers

Hello Red Class Families,

Just a quick message before our Friday Fanfare tomorrow. Please could all families check cardigans and jumpers and send any uniform back to school if it's been picked up by accident. We're missing two items but they're named so they should be easy to locate. 

Many thanks :) 

Mrs Webb 

Red Friday Fanfare 11th October

Dear Red Class,

This week, at Forest School, we explored leaves and why some trees lose their leaves in the autumn. We performed a counting song called ‘10 Little Leaves’ and added new actions with the leaves turning, tumbling and even jumping through the air. Every Forest School session, the children are invited to explore their own interests. Today, some children were looking at stories inspired by nature,  another group of children decided to look for animals (puppets and other soft toys) hidden around the site and some children created a pretend fire.  

Phonics lessons focused on h, b, f and l. We tried very hard to spell words using these letters and their sounds.  At this stage of the year, we use letter tiles and magnetic letters for spelling activities. We also read our keywords daily: to, into the, I. See if you can find these keywords in your reading books. In Literacy sessions, we sequenced story events from ‘The Little Red Hen’ and compared the story to ‘The Very Helpful Hedgehog.’ We thought the hedgehog could help the hen’s friends to be helpful!

In Maths, we talked about the idea of doubles and doubling using a picture stimulus board. We then made the link between doubles in the world around us (double yellow lines, double-decker bus) to finding simple doubles with equipment, for example, putting two of the same Numicon tiles together. During the rest of the week, we investigated patterns in the environment and used equipment to explore colour and shape patterns. You might like to try this game at home: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/shape-patterns

As a warm up in Music, we clapped the rhythm of our names and then played an untuned instrument to Mrs Webb’s pulse (beat). The children listened carefully and tried very hard to play together. After our performance warm up, we explored the sounds of the instruments before creating a class composition about falling leaves.

What a busy week! It’s now time to rest, play and enjoy your weekend. See you all Monday.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx

Red Friday Fanfare 4th October

Hello Red Class,

It was a wet and windy week. We started our new topic ‘Autumn’ and enjoyed a nice walk through Blackwell. The children had a special Blue Class partner to show them the way and it was lovely to hear the older children talking about the signs of autumn. We created a mind map of autumn words using objects from the walk as a stimulus. How many words can you think of linked to autumn? 

Our focus letter sounds this week were ck (duck), e, u and r and we’ve been learning to read words using these sounds. In Literacy, we listened to the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and used a story map to retell key events.

In Maths, we’ve been learning number bonds (pairs of numbers) up to 4. We’ve used songs, Numicon and counters to make number bonds and we’re starting to recall some pairs too, for example, 2 and 2 make 4. 

Today, the children enjoyed a super first Forest School session. They were fantastic at collecting their warm clothes and they were great at learning new rules and routines. We played 1,2,3 Where are you? This game helps the children to learn about boundaries and where we can play in the forest.  We also shared a story called ‘Leaf Man’ and the children created their own leaf pictures ranging from a leaf man and lady, a leaf worm, a leaf dog and even a leaf cabbage! Well done Red Class!

We also opened the painting table this week and Mrs Allen helped the children to find out about printing. Next week, we’re opening the workshop. Please be prepared to find  ‘junk’ creations in book bags. We will ask the children to keep their work in school until Friday so they can make changes to their work during the week.

Rest, play and enjoy a wonderful weekend Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx

Red Friday Fanfare 27th September

Dear Red Class,

Well done for another lovely week at school. We’ve learnt the sounds and actions for g, o, c, and k and read words containing these sounds.  You’re really good at using your robot arms to sound out and blend words. For example, when reading the word ‘cat’, you move your arms up and down for each sound ‘c-a-t’ and then swipe your arm across your body to blend the sounds to say ‘cat’. This week, buried treasure was a popular game in Phonics.  To play this game at home, just visit: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/BuriedTreasure2.html. We’ve also started to read some keywords ‘I’ and ‘the’.

In Literacy, we played games to identify rhyming words and we used ‘The Big, Bad Bug’ on the Oxford Owl website to show the children how to read a book with words. You will find a new book and reading card in your book bag tonight. When reading at home, you might find this approach useful:

1. Read the story using the pictures to develop familiarity and confidence.

2. Listen to your grown up as they read the story. Again, this is all about building confidence and familiarity.

3. Read the story again but this time sound out short words (dog/cat/dad) and spot character names.

Keep the book for at least a couple of days so that you have plenty of time to revisit the story. Also, try to read little and often. Later in the term, we will be hosting a curriculum meeting at school where we can share reading strategies. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to pop into school.

In Maths, we explored 2d shapes. We named and described key shapes and created shape pictures. You were very good at finding 2d shapes in the classroom. In Write Dance, we listened to the story of the ‘The Walk’ and then ‘took our chalk for a walk’ to create looped shapes. We turned our looped shapes into Write Dance animals. We enjoyed looking at the pictures and talking about their similarities and differences. 

On Monday, we start our new topic, ‘Autumn.’ As an introduction to the topic, we will be going on a walk around Blackwell. We will wear our Red Class waterproof clothes and boots but it might be a good idea to bring a spare change of clothes to school if we encounter similar weather to this week. I’ve also noticed a few children have thick socks for outdoor play. This is a great idea as it stops school socks from turning brown! I would wear some thick socks on Monday to keep your feet warm and dry. 

Finally, ‘show and tell’ will take place on Fridays. If you would like to bring in an item from home, then please bring items related to the topic, a book or share an achievement, for example, a swimming badge. Remember to keep toys safe at home.

Enjoy the weekend Red Class,  

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain (birthday girl this weekend) xxx

Red Friday Fanfare

Dear Red Class,

Well done for completing your first full week with clubs. You’ve been stretching in yoga, listening to stories and weaving in fine motor club. From learning letter sounds to using new equipment in Maths and meeting new people in club time, we’ve enjoyed a very busy week. I’m really pleased with how independent you’re being in the morning. Most of you are now completing your jobs without any help from a grown up and some of you have visited the tuck tray too.

This week, Literacy lessons were filled with storytelling. We found out how to use role play props to retell the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We played games in phonics to learn new letter sounds and actions for i, n, m and d and we started to read 2 and 3 letter words e.g. an, pan, tin. We enjoyed reading words on the board and then drawing pictures to match.

In Maths, we explored ten frames in lots of different ways. On Monday, we made a ten frame on the floor using tape and pretended it was a bus. The children enjoyed sitting on the bus to explore numbers to 10. Our class teddies enjoyed riding on the ten frame bus on Tuesday. Later in the week, we used counters on small ten frames. Working in these different ways will help us to identify and understand numbers.

In PE you were very good at moving in different ways around the hall and finding safe spaces. In Write Dance, you created pictures of a volcano using different media (chalk and wax crayons). Can you draw a volcano at home? 

Make sure you rest over the weekend and we’ll see you next week Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx