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class wellies purple

Well done for a super day!

Well done Purple Class! We had a great day today at Kenilworth Castle despite the cold weather and wind.

Mr and Mrs Kuriger noticed how sensible you all were and how much you all knew about castles and the Tudors.

I really enjoyed climbing the tower and clambering up the hill as invaders. I know lots of you enjoyed those parts too. Mortimer, our friendly raven, also had a fabulous day, meeting some of his friends. He's now having a snooze in his sleeping bag after a tiring day :)

See you in the morning...we'll look at some photographs.

Miss K (and Mortimer) :)


Castle trip - a reminder of what to bring

Hello Everyone,

On Monday, we are off on our castle trip and everyone needs a small backpack to carry their lunch in (even if you are having a lunch provided by Mrs Barker) and a water bottle that is well sealed! You may come to school in jogging bottoms and trainers and a hooded waterproof coat is essential in these April showers!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday for our castle adventure!

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Spring at last!

Hello Purple Class,

Finally, as we get ready for Summer term, it's starting to feel like Spring! You had such an excellent end to Spring term with the Easter coffee morning. Excellent singing everyone...great pitching, dynamics and smiles! I know the grown ups were quite impressed. Also I know Mabel and Peggy enjoyed their visit...I wonder if they would have enjoyed Mrs Barker's carrot cake...

So as you're enjoying a rest, don't forget to get your nose in a book and keep up the times tables and doubles - Hit the Button is a good place to start.

Our next topic will be 'Castles and Dragons' - so if you want to get ahead with some learning, then you could do some research.

See you soon,

Miss Kuriger and Mrs Moran


A message from the guinea pigs...

Hello Purple Class!

Just a quick message from us to say we are safe and snug at Miss Kuriger's house...now that Miss Kuriger's boiler is working again. She decided it was a good plan to bring us home on Thursday just in case Friday's weather was bad. We think it was a good plan too. You don't need to worry about us being stranded at school. So we spent our first snow day snoozing, munching hay and salad and then playing tig. 

Thank you for a super week. We have felt very happy and welcome. See you next week.

Mabel and Peggy (the guineas) xx

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First day at school for the guineas

Do you remember your first day at school? I bet many of you were very frightened and didn't really know what to expect.

Well tomorrow the guinea pigs will pack their bags and get ready for their first day at school. They will be terrified because small animals can be nervous of changes, especially when they're little. I'm sure they will not be fans of the car journey and they'll be in a different cage too, so we must make sure we come into school very quietly. Even piggie 1, who has been racing around and bouncing up and down all afternoon, will go into hiding I'm sure. 

I weighed them today. Piggie 1 is 473g and piggie 2 is 446g. I can tell they are much bigger in a week already.

If you have not returned your permission form allowing you to handle the guinea pigs and also telling school about any possible allergies, then please bring it back on Monday or ask your grown ups to write a little note.

See you on Monday!

Miss K, piggie 1 and piggie 2

Guinea pigs day 6

Today the girls are getting a little more confident. Piggie 1 has been up and down, up and down on the roof of her house. She's also been skipping around excitedly and jumping around - the woodshavings have been flying! Piggie 2 is creeping around cautiously - she squeaks all the time she's on the move.

Yesterday they had broccoli - that was a big hit. They ate the stalks first. Today they have had celery, lettuce and cucumber. Piggie 2 ate the lettuce straight away and piggie 1 nibbled the corner of each piece and dropped it on the ground. Both of them ate the edge of the cucumber and then later ate the middles. I told you guineas were a fussy bunch.

I noticed some nibbles on the edge of their wooden house today - like we predicted there would be. They're making sure their teeth stay short.

That's all for now,

Miss K, piggie 1 and piggie 2 (they really do need some names soon)

Guinea pigs day 4

So here's the latest piggie update. The guineas are settling in well. They are still very tricky to catch as they run off so quickly but once I am holding them they are beginning to enjoy a cuddle. They both purr (lots of little squeaks) when I stroke them which shows they like it.

Yesterday I gave them some cucumber but they ran off after sniffing it. I think they were nervous of it, but when I looked in this morning it had been nibbled. The tomato however, was not touched at all.

Piggie 2 is definitely still very shy but piggie 1 is finding her feet. I am sure she will be the boss of the cage. When I went into the room yesterday, unbelievably she was sitting on the roof of their little wooden house munching some hay! Piggie 1 is also quite nosey. If I'm holding her she tries to turn round to see what's going on. She won't sit still at the moment. 

They had a little grass this morning (disappeared in seconds) and some celery leaves but they turned their noses up at those. In a few weeks time I'm sure they'll be gobbling all in sight as a guinea pig usually does.

Miss Townsend came round to see them today. She thinks they are wonderful and cannot wait to give them a cuddle when they are a bit braver.

I'll update again soon.

Miss K, piggie 1 and piggie 2

Guinea pigs day 2

Hello Purple Class,

I thought you'd like to know how the guinea pigs are settling. I'll put a few updates on for you this week.

The guineas are still very nervous but they have crept out of their house and had a little bit of hay, some nuggets and a few nibbles of carrot. If they know I am watching them, then they zip back into their house as quick as a flash. So I am peeping around the door frame at them so they don't know I'm there!

One is definitely braver than the other. She is easier to catch and is a bit more inquisitive. The other is very very quick but once I've picked her up she does sit still - which is better than yesterday. 

I'll update you again in a day or two.

Miss K, piggie 1 and piggie 2


Guinea pig update!

Well, Mrs Moran and I have been on our shopping trip this morning and...we have got 2 lovely little guinea pigs!

They are sisters that are 10 weeks old so are quite small and they are very nervous at the moment. In fact they are hiding in their house and have not ventured out at all yet. I'm sure they will soon be peckish and will make their way to the food bowl and hay.

One is quite easy to catch at the moment but the other is very wizzy...in fact she squealed and squealed in the shop and made such a scene at being picked up. They will soon get used to being handled though. I won't tell you what they look like...that can be a surprise! Get thinking of guinea pigs names everyone.

Have a lovely week and see you all soon to introduce you to our new school friends.

Miss Kuriger and Mrs Moran

Half term tasks

What a wonderful morning you had today at the Dance Festival. You were the youngest group of children there and you performed brilliantly on stage in front of a very large audience. Well done! Mrs Marks and I were very pleased to see your smiling faces and your excellent behaviour.

So we now have a few days until half term so time to set you some tasks for the week ahead. It’s important that you rest and recharge, but also keep that learning going so you can achieve your best. Have a go at these if you can:

Firstly – telling the time. We have worked hard in school to do this and lots of you have made good improvements. The national expectation is to tell the time in all 4 quarters of the clock, and then to tell the time in divisions of 5 minutes. Really, the best way to learn is to have an analogue clock or watch nearby and to get someone to test you throughout the week. Grown-ups, we would really appreciate your help with this as so many children find this learning challenging, and it’s an essential life skill. I will see how you’ve got on after the holiday.

Secondly – World Book Day. In the first week back (on 1st March), it’s World Book Day when we get to celebrate all things reading. So I’d like you to choose your favourite book (fiction or non-fiction) and design your own new front cover for the book. You can create your cover in any way you like – drawing, on the computer, using paints or collage – be imaginative. We will have a sharing assembly on the 1st and it would be great if you could share your book covers then.

Thank you for a great half term…we are now half way through Year 2!

Miss Kuriger and Mrs Moran

Dance Festival - Wednesday

Hello all,

Wednesday is the Year 2 dance festival where children get to show other schools what they have been learning and also enjoy their performances too.

Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school - this includes a change of socks for those who wear tights, and everyone needs their t-shirt, shorts and jogging bottoms. I know some children do not currently have their joggers in school and in this weather they'll really need them.

A quick reminder too that children need a waterbottle and a snack (or tuck money) in school daily.


Miss Kuriger

Our fundraising total!

Hello all,

Well I have been counting and counting and can now reveal that today's fundraising total is...(drumroll)...£581.50!

What a fantastic effort from Purple Class and families to reach such a great total, and some children tell me they still have some sponsor money to bring in.

I want to say a great big thank you to all of you who have supported our project and for your generosity. I have already purchased an indoor cage and stand, food bowl, water bottle, pet carrier, bedding, food and a few more bits and pieces. We are all set! The money raised will go to all of this, and the remaining for ongoing upkeep. 

Every day I am asked, "When are the guinea pigs coming?" and every day I repeat the same answer...Mrs Moran and I will get the guineas at half term so they can live with me for a week and settle before meeting more people than they have ever seen before...all of which will struggle to contain their excitement. 

So again, a great big thank you!

Miss Kuriger and Mrs Moran :)



Sponsor Money

Hello all Purple class grown ups!

A really big thank you to all families who have returned sponsorship money already. I am so pleased with the positive response we have had from you all and your incredible generosity. It is very much appreciated.

If you do have any uncollected sponsor money, it would be good if we could have it by Friday and then I will be able to count up the grand total of our fundraising project! The children are very excited to know how much they have raised through their efforts.


Thanks again,

Miss K and Mrs Moran


Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

What a fantastic term you have all had! You have worked very hard all term and we have had such a successful end of the term.

I was so proud to see all of your Christmas performances and I am looking forward to showing the DVD to my family too so they can see how amazing you all are. I know that lots of you felt very nervous beforehand but your smiley faces at the end showed me that you were proud of yourselves too.

And the snow…how fun! You have all been so sensible during the winter weather, even when the playground’s been too slippery to go on. I think we managed to match up everyone’s shoes and wellies in the end.

So at the end of our first term together, I wish you all a happy and restful break. Keep up the reading whilst you’re not at school and keep learning the multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables so you can say them by heart.

Next term will see an exciting story topic…we’ll start with 101 Dalmatians and then meet plenty of other doggy friends from there. I am looking forward to our theatre trip in the first week back. I am also very much looking forward to the project for our next topic – you will be thrilled. Mrs Moran and I are very excited!

So have a happy holiday and see you all very soon. Thank you so much to all the families who contributed to gifts for Mrs Moran and I. We are extremely thankful and grateful to you all. Your support means such a lot.

Miss Kuriger and Mrs Moran :)