Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Guinea pigs day 6

Today the girls are getting a little more confident. Piggie 1 has been up and down, up and down on the roof of her house. She's also been skipping around excitedly and jumping around - the woodshavings have been flying! Piggie 2 is creeping around cautiously - she squeaks all the time she's on the move.

Yesterday they had broccoli - that was a big hit. They ate the stalks first. Today they have had celery, lettuce and cucumber. Piggie 2 ate the lettuce straight away and piggie 1 nibbled the corner of each piece and dropped it on the ground. Both of them ate the edge of the cucumber and then later ate the middles. I told you guineas were a fussy bunch.

I noticed some nibbles on the edge of their wooden house today - like we predicted there would be. They're making sure their teeth stay short.

That's all for now,

Miss K, piggie 1 and piggie 2 (they really do need some names soon)