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Guinea pigs day 4

So here's the latest piggie update. The guineas are settling in well. They are still very tricky to catch as they run off so quickly but once I am holding them they are beginning to enjoy a cuddle. They both purr (lots of little squeaks) when I stroke them which shows they like it.

Yesterday I gave them some cucumber but they ran off after sniffing it. I think they were nervous of it, but when I looked in this morning it had been nibbled. The tomato however, was not touched at all.

Piggie 2 is definitely still very shy but piggie 1 is finding her feet. I am sure she will be the boss of the cage. When I went into the room yesterday, unbelievably she was sitting on the roof of their little wooden house munching some hay! Piggie 1 is also quite nosey. If I'm holding her she tries to turn round to see what's going on. She won't sit still at the moment. 

They had a little grass this morning (disappeared in seconds) and some celery leaves but they turned their noses up at those. In a few weeks time I'm sure they'll be gobbling all in sight as a guinea pig usually does.

Miss Townsend came round to see them today. She thinks they are wonderful and cannot wait to give them a cuddle when they are a bit braver.

I'll update again soon.

Miss K, piggie 1 and piggie 2