Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Half term tasks

What a wonderful morning you had today at the Dance Festival. You were the youngest group of children there and you performed brilliantly on stage in front of a very large audience. Well done! Mrs Marks and I were very pleased to see your smiling faces and your excellent behaviour.

So we now have a few days until half term so time to set you some tasks for the week ahead. It’s important that you rest and recharge, but also keep that learning going so you can achieve your best. Have a go at these if you can:

Firstly – telling the time. We have worked hard in school to do this and lots of you have made good improvements. The national expectation is to tell the time in all 4 quarters of the clock, and then to tell the time in divisions of 5 minutes. Really, the best way to learn is to have an analogue clock or watch nearby and to get someone to test you throughout the week. Grown-ups, we would really appreciate your help with this as so many children find this learning challenging, and it’s an essential life skill. I will see how you’ve got on after the holiday.

Secondly – World Book Day. In the first week back (on 1st March), it’s World Book Day when we get to celebrate all things reading. So I’d like you to choose your favourite book (fiction or non-fiction) and design your own new front cover for the book. You can create your cover in any way you like – drawing, on the computer, using paints or collage – be imaginative. We will have a sharing assembly on the 1st and it would be great if you could share your book covers then.

Thank you for a great half term…we are now half way through Year 2!

Miss Kuriger and Mrs Moran