Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Get clowning around...

Hello Purple.


I hope you are enjoying your week away from school learning and are managing to enjoy some sunshine (and put up with the rain!).


I have been busy looking back at your achievements from last term and what a lot of progress I can see! A very well done to you for all your super efforts so far this year.


We have just one half term together in Purple Class left. How time has flown! But it will be an action packed, learning filled, fun term.


I have been getting ready for our next topic of 'The Circus'. What can you find out about the circus? Can you find out what you might see there? If you were a clown, what would your clown name be and would you have any special tricks? Or any funny jokes? You can share your ideas when we're back together next week.


See you all for our topic day on Monday :)


Miss Kuriger :)