Great work Purple Class!

A quick note to say I was so pleased with your class assembly today. You showed excellent communication skills as you sang, retold your story and clearly said your lines. All the grown ups were so impressed with you and I felt really proud of you too. Very well done.

Our next topic after the holiday is 'Blackwell Bear Travels' and you'll have to wait and see where his destination is!

Are you going on any visits, trips or holidays this week? If you are, see if you can get a postcard or a photograph of the place and then we can see where Purple Class have travelled as well.

Don't forget to keep up the reading and mental maths. Of course have a good rest too and we'll see you in a week :)

Miss Kuriger, Peggy and Bertie (Peggy currently slurping the water bottle and Bertie have a jolly good snooze)