Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Farm homework

Hello all,

What a lovely week we have had on our farm topic already :)

If you would like to do some farm related homework over the next couple of weeks, here are a few ideas for you.

Visit a farm!

When you are there, have a think about our geography learning - is it an arable farm or a pastoral farm, or maybe a mixture of both. Perhaps this farm is one that is set up for visitors and is not a working farm. See what you can find out. Who is in charge of the farm and what do they have to do for their job?


Find out about your meal

See if you can work out how many different places the ingredients for your meal have come from. You might have to read the packaging closely or do a little research. I think you might be surprised. If you would like to, you could then find the different places on a map.


Make some popcorn

Our class story features a fair amount of popcorn. Can you follow the same steps as the crow to make a delicious treat? Of course you will need help from an adult (not like the crow who had to do it all by himself!). Try some different flavours too.


The maths objectives and spelling activity is still available on the previous homework sheet.

Have fun. Miss Kuriger :)