Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Happy Easter Purple Class

Hello all,

Well done on a fantastic end to last term. Your dance at the dance festival was just amazing and I was very proud at how well you watched and applauded everyone else's dances - we had to wait until almost the end for our performance! But, it was worth waiting for. Also, your singing at the Easter coffee morning was so beautiful, so well done.

I hope that you have a lovely Easter break and come back to school refreshed and ready to go. When we come back to school, our new topic will be 'Pirates'. If you would like to get researching, maybe you could find out about any real pirates back in history. You can let us know what you find out on the first day back.

I've been thinking about which learning we need to do next and I've thought of a couple of things that will help you get ahead next term:

- When you are reading, ask grown ups to get you to predict the next part of the story, using clues from what you have already read to help make it a sensible prediction. Then you can read the next bit and see if you are correct! 

- Keep reminding yourself about how to tell the time. The national curriculum for year 2 requires that we learn how to tell the time in 5 minute intervals on an analogue clock. So if you can tell the time in all 4 quarters of the clock (e.g. quarter past, quarter to...), then ask a grown up to help you with learning 5 minutes intervals (e.g. 10 past, 25 past, 25 to, 10 to...).

- Practise using a calculation fact within 10 to work out calculation facts within 20 and beyond! e.g. If you know 7+2=9, then you know: 2+7=9, 9-2=7, 17+2=19, 19-12=7, 27+2=29, 17+12=29, 70+20=90 - there are so many! Use your knowledge of place value to make lots of new maths facts.

Thank you, and see you all very soon!

Miss Kuriger, Peggy and Albert (currently snoozing no doubt at my house while I'm in school!)