Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Happy Half Term

Hello Purple Class,

Well done on a super end to the half term. It was a shame about the rain and our lack of sports day, but we now have something to look forward to later on in the summer term. I hope that this week you have a good rest and get to spend some lovely time with your families.

We looked up the weather forecast on Thursday and we noticed the thunder storms for the weekend. Those of you that are camping, I hope your tents did not turn into boats! Mabel and Peggy are certainly glad they are indoor guinea pigs. As I type, Peggy is snoozing in the house and Mabel is hay munching.

Remember to keep up the reading over the holiday and dip into some timetables learning too. Our new topic is called 'Build a Business' and we'll be learning about how we can be good entrepreneurs...what a tricky word that is! Can you find out what it means?

See you in a week,

Miss K, Mabel and Peggy xx