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Home learning

Tomorrow we begin a new topic of Special Places, with a focus on Sikhism.

If you would like to do any homework over the next couple of weeks then here are some ideas:

- find a book about Sikhism from the library and see what new information you can learn.

- learn to tell the time on an analogue clock - we will hopefully learn more about this before half term (if we finish our addition and subtraction learning). Try o'clock, half past, quarter past/to and then if you have mastered those, any 5 minute divisions is next.

- learn multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5, 10 times tables - by heart, out of order.

- continue to read school books and home books to improve fluency, understanding and to enjoy!


Miss Kuriger, Peggy (currently snoozing by the food bowl) and Bertie (currently snoozing in an upturned shoe box) :)

Purple Class news

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Happy New Year!

Hello Purple Class!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for 2020.

I want to say a thank you for all our Christmas gifts, cards and wishes. It was very kind of you and very generous, so thank you.

I will see you all next week when we'll be starting our 'Off to Scotland' topic. I will be looking forward to some lovely stories, interesting geography and science, as well as some art.

Here's a challenge for the next few days - seeing as we are going into 2020, let's think about the number 20. Can you think of 10 facts (or 20 facts if you're keen) about the number 20? It could be addition facts, doubles, odd/even, place value, multiples - see what you can come up with e.g. 20 is 2 more than 18, 20 is in the 5s multiplication table. We'll see how many facts Team Purple can come up with next week.

See you all very soon.

Miss Kuriger, Mrs Marks, Miss Burgess and Miss Chamberlain

Peggy (currently munching) and Bertie (currently chewing a cardboard tube) xx

GDPR letter

Today a letter has been sent home about data use in school - the return date says Monday 9th. 

I am sorry that I forgot to give letters to children who went home at 1.40pm. Please just return the letter as soon as possible - I will let the office know why Purple Class may have some late returns!

See some of you later at the fair.

Miss Kuriger


Purple Class homework

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Great work Purple Class!

A quick note to say I was so pleased with your class assembly today. You showed excellent communication skills as you sang, retold your story and clearly said your lines. All the grown ups were so impressed with you and I felt really proud of you too. Very well done.

Our next topic after the holiday is 'Blackwell Bear Travels' and you'll have to wait and see where his destination is!

Are you going on any visits, trips or holidays this week? If you are, see if you can get a postcard or a photograph of the place and then we can see where Purple Class have travelled as well.

Don't forget to keep up the reading and mental maths. Of course have a good rest too and we'll see you in a week :)

Miss Kuriger, Peggy and Bertie (Peggy currently slurping the water bottle and Bertie have a jolly good snooze)

Thank You

A big thank you to everyone for your kind words and generous gifts at the end of this year. They are all very much appreciated.

The children worked hard right up to the end of term and I hope they are now enjoying a well deserved rest, despite the heat!

Best wishes for a happy summer and see you all soon!

Miss Kuriger, Mrs Moran, Miss Arscott, Peggy and Bertie x

Farm homework

Hello all,

What a lovely week we have had on our farm topic already :)

If you would like to do some farm related homework over the next couple of weeks, here are a few ideas for you.

Visit a farm!

When you are there, have a think about our geography learning - is it an arable farm or a pastoral farm, or maybe a mixture of both. Perhaps this farm is one that is set up for visitors and is not a working farm. See what you can find out. Who is in charge of the farm and what do they have to do for their job?


Find out about your meal

See if you can work out how many different places the ingredients for your meal have come from. You might have to read the packaging closely or do a little research. I think you might be surprised. If you would like to, you could then find the different places on a map.


Make some popcorn

Our class story features a fair amount of popcorn. Can you follow the same steps as the crow to make a delicious treat? Of course you will need help from an adult (not like the crow who had to do it all by himself!). Try some different flavours too.


The maths objectives and spelling activity is still available on the previous homework sheet.

Have fun. Miss Kuriger :)

Happy Easter Purple Class

Hello all,

Well done on a fantastic end to last term. Your dance at the dance festival was just amazing and I was very proud at how well you watched and applauded everyone else's dances - we had to wait until almost the end for our performance! But, it was worth waiting for. Also, your singing at the Easter coffee morning was so beautiful, so well done.

I hope that you have a lovely Easter break and come back to school refreshed and ready to go. When we come back to school, our new topic will be 'Pirates'. If you would like to get researching, maybe you could find out about any real pirates back in history. You can let us know what you find out on the first day back.

I've been thinking about which learning we need to do next and I've thought of a couple of things that will help you get ahead next term:

- When you are reading, ask grown ups to get you to predict the next part of the story, using clues from what you have already read to help make it a sensible prediction. Then you can read the next bit and see if you are correct! 

- Keep reminding yourself about how to tell the time. The national curriculum for year 2 requires that we learn how to tell the time in 5 minute intervals on an analogue clock. So if you can tell the time in all 4 quarters of the clock (e.g. quarter past, quarter to...), then ask a grown up to help you with learning 5 minutes intervals (e.g. 10 past, 25 past, 25 to, 10 to...).

- Practise using a calculation fact within 10 to work out calculation facts within 20 and beyond! e.g. If you know 7+2=9, then you know: 2+7=9, 9-2=7, 17+2=19, 19-12=7, 27+2=29, 17+12=29, 70+20=90 - there are so many! Use your knowledge of place value to make lots of new maths facts.

Thank you, and see you all very soon!

Miss Kuriger, Peggy and Albert (currently snoozing no doubt at my house while I'm in school!)

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Happy break Purple

Hello Purple Class,

I hope you are all having a good week so far. We did so much learning for our Best Books and Christianity topics last half term, that I bet you were in much need of a good rest. I loved our visit to the cathedral, and your writing about it at the end of last week showed me that you did too!

I know some of you are away this week - I hope you have some good weather, although it's nice and sunny at school here at the moment anyway. The guineas are both fine at my house, enjoying a lie in as usual and very loud when it gets close to supper time. Nothing new there then.

I am busy getting some learning ready for next term for you all. We are going to have a new history topic for the afternoons - the Anglo Saxons. I'm sure you'll find it fascinating. If you would like to do a little bit of research, then the BBC website has some good information as a starting point - https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/articles/zq2m6sg 

Keep up the reading and mental maths facts - halves and doubles to double 20 and knowing the multiplication and division facts for the 2s, 5s, and 10s tables is a good place to start.

See you all soon,

Miss K (Peggy and Bertie) :)

New topic

Hello Purple Class,

I just wanted to say well done for the fantastic book afternoon you hosted for Red Class today. You were able to share your stories, help the younger children develop new skills and of course have fun!

Our next topic will be Christianity and we look forward to learning stories, beliefs and practices. If you would like to do some homework over the next couple of weeks, you could do some research to find out more about this religion or perhaps visit a Christian place of worship yourself to see just what it is like.

Please continue to practise your reading and mental maths facts. Doubles and halves to double 20 and counting on and back in 3s would be a great place to start.

See you on Monday - with all your hats, scarves and gloves labelled with your names! :)

From Miss K, Peggy and Bertie (both currently eyeing me up with their feet on the bowl waiting for supper)