Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 18th May 2018

The Spring sunshine is really warming us up in Forest School at last – our winter hat basket has turned into a cap/straw hat basket! We do keep these in the nursery for the days when the sun does come out, but let us know if you need it back! Otherwise, we will return them in July!

Indoors, in Circle Time, we have been focusing on:

* Phonics – the sound machine has been a huge hit in listening and learning about short and long sounds. We then moved on to making our own short and long sounds which were quite challenging for some – perhaps something you could practise at home?

* Maths – our warm-up “Little Soldiers” song has made our number brains working and we then have moved on to learning about 3D shapes e.g. a cylinder, sphere and cone. We have enjoyed testing out whether they roll, stack or both.

* Technology – the bee bots have paid us a visit this week in Nursery and they are much more temperamental than the guinea pigs. As the week has gone on, they have got tired and so think they are ready to go back to BIG school for some charging! We have all had a turn at moving them forward, backward, left and right and they ended up dancing by the end of the week.

* EAD – we have been designing and creating our own bunting and fruit punch cups. We used these as part of our Tudor Ball day yesterday! We all loved a bit of fruit and fizz in our fruit punch and it was good to see lots of children trying out different flavours of juice for the first time.

Outdoors, in Forest School, we have been:

* Using our tools to hammer nails into our frame ready for some weaving activities.

* Decorating the Forest School with ribbons – we have seen super weaving skills from everyone, even bow tying from some!

* Watching and learning a new Forest School dance for our ball on Thursday to the tune of Greensleeves.

* Practising some of our Sport Day events ready for our Sports afternoon next Friday.

Next week is our final week of this half term and so on Friday afternoon, we will be holding our very first Nursery Sports Afternoon. This will be from 2pm-3pm and if your child does not attend on a Friday usually, you are more than welcome to bring them along for the event. Please do let us know if you plan on coming along so we can ensure we have equipment accessible for all.  Please can you ensure you send your child in with suitable clothing and footwear.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Mander, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Thompson