Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery update

Happy “Friendly” Friday.

What a lot of Spring May birthdays we have in Nursery. There are lots of children who are so proud to turn four and some of us a little less proud to be turning a number with four in again!

Indoors, in Circle Time, we have been focusing on:

  • Phonics – we have had fun making and listening to each other’s sounds and playing a simple lotto game

  • Number – some of us have been matching our Numicon BIG pieces with the SMALL pieces up to 10, finding different ways of making numbers using coloured pegs and pressing the Numicon into playdough and adding one more

  • Communication and Language – our big book of Cinderella has had us thinking about our main character and how her feelings change throughout different parts of the story

  • Write Dance – a welcome change in the weather has had us revisiting the tune “Little Sun” and we have created our own suns with both hands drawing curved lines, straight lines and dots

    Outdoors, in Forest School, we have been:

  • Weaving ribbons in and out the fence to develop our fine motor skills;

  • Playing parachute games on the grass field to develop gross motor skills;

  • Using our home grown herbs in the mud kitchen to be creative and

  • Building castles with boxes and crates developing all sorts of skills.

    With the whole school Tudor Fayre next Thursday, we are in preparation for our very own Nursery ball on the same day. Our Thursday children will be visiting the different parts of the castle throughout the school and then enjoying our own homemade punch with some dancing thrown in.

    For the children leaving us in July and moving into Blackwell Reception, Mrs Moss and Mrs Webb just wanted to add a reminder that if your child attends on a Thursday, you can just drop them at normal time and we will ensure they get to enjoy these story sessions with Mrs Webb in preparation for Reception in Red class.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Mrs. Mander, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Thompson