Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 10th March 2018

Happy Saturday!!

This week, it has finally been feeling like Spring is in the air. Indoors, we have been talking lots about our mummies as we get ready for a special day on Sunday: we have read lots of stories, made a special something and you have shared some very interesting information about them all!    In Phonics we have enjoyed playing Eye Spy where you have taken on the role of being the person “on” – that was quite tricky for some of you to hear the initial sound in your friend’s name.  In Maths we have being counting sounds and have started to draw numbers using tally.  We have turned our dough into a “Hot Potato” – now a firm favourite disco song and we have enjoyed digging those Sandy Hills with our Write Dance song.

Outside, Mrs Allen has been enjoying the last of the snow with you by mixing colours and chalk to make some wonderful potions.  She has also been showing you how you can play noughts and crosses with some large sticks, pebbles and discs.  Rolling the wheeled sand toys down the balcony was fun to see, even setting your own challenge by trying to get it through the Year 4 children’s legs – thank you to our Play Partners who come every day to enjoy some nursery fun.  Well done to those children who made that wonderful cake for Mrs Franklin’s birthday yesterday – I know we couldn’t find 100 candles as requested, but we tried!

We all hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday, remember to spoil them as they love you all very much.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin and Mrs Lewis