Nursery News ~ 4th February 2018

Hello Nursery,

Happy Sunday!

Well done for all the new tastes you have tried this week!  We have had some new meals from Mrs Barker at lunchtime and we made our own fruit smoothies for our Teddy Bears’ picnic.  It is so important to keep trying new things before deciding whether you like it or not.

In the cabin we have continued with our “Phonics” of looking at objects with the same initial sound ~ can you remember the items that came out of the sound bag? Fox, fairy... Thank you Freddie for letting us use your coat!   We have been looking at an information book on Toys and even compared some actual old toys to new toys ~ you did well to sort the horses, car and train into two hoops.  Can you remember how the old train moved?  In “Maths” we have been counting backwards with some familiar number songs. It was lovely to see those naughty monkeys taking their Maths learning outside and jumping on the crates in Forest School.  We also looked at where Mrs Lewis has travelled to on our globe and then enjoyed being little people in flying saucers, flying around the world.

The cold weather returned again in Forest School but we managed to get out and have some fun.  We have been playing lots of circle time games to keep us warm and moving.  You all did so well with learning new skills of tying slipknots and using our new mini hammers.  I think the highlight of the week was on Wednesday afternoon when we found some sun on the field and took our teddies for a picnic to enjoy our smoothies and teddy biscuits.  We were very proud of how you helped your teddies to eat that second biscuit! 

We hope you are having a lovely weekend and remember to show your grownups at home how independent you can be with those coats!  See you next week for play dough fun with our Days of the Week!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin