Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 22nd January 2018

Hello Nursery,

Another week has flown by and we cannot believe how quickly you are back into the swing of routines.

Forest School has been a lot of fun, if not a little cold!  We have been on a Bear Hunt, built homes for our bears and made a new tree swing.  Well done Mrs Allen for getting a fire started on a very cold Friday morning.  You did so well at remembering safety rules for our fire circle, I think it is time to start warming up some food on there...

Indoors we have continued listening and learning about Rhyme in our “Phonics” sessions.  We all enjoyed the story “There’s a Bear on my Chair” ~ can you remember the items that were allowed in our own teddy bear’s house?  In our “Number” session, you have done really well at “showing” a number using fingers, numicon, eggs and the fabacus’.  Our hands, wrists and arms are getting stronger with our Dough Disco daily moves – this not only helps warm up our hands on a cold day, but gets us ready to write!

Have a lovely weekend and remember how hard Mrs Allen had to work at getting the fire started – she didn’t give up.  If something is tricky to do; keep on try, try, trying.  See you next week for some more Playground fun in Forest School!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin