Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News -Weather

 What a fun week to start introducing the weather into our daily routines. We have seen it all this week ~ sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, foggy.  You have enjoyed learning our new weather song, adding our weather symbol to the NEW calendar and some of you enjoyed being our nominated weather boy/girl.

In our Number circle times sessions this week, we have been using the vocabulary of “more”.  You're trying very hard to use the egg boxes for counting and you also enjoyed looking at our Maths resource of Numicon.  You may see some of this to use in playdough printing next week!

During our Handwriting circle time sessions, we enjoyed exploring rainbows and singing a rainbow song. You did well to learn all the actions to our dance and had a good go at trying to draw an arc with rainbow crayons and fingerpainting.  The rainbow song introduced you to new words for some familiar colours. Can you remember the other name for pink? Purple?

Down at Forest School, Mrs Allen showed you how to make a slipknot and how this can be used to rescue trapped animals.  You were so sensible around the fire circle when we had a real fire again. Well done Mrs Allen for getting it going!  You have also enjoyed exploring the crates in the shed; creating planes, rockets and trains for travelling to some exotic sounding places! Dinosaur Land was my favourite place.

We hope you have a lovely weekend, keep wrapped up warm if you are out and about. Remember if you are cold, keep on moving!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin