Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News 3

Thank you, children, for another wonderful week. You are all doing so well at saying goodbye to your grown ups in the morning and coming in ready to start our busy day. Our visual timetable is helping you to become familiar with our daily routine.

This week at Forest school, we have enjoyed using the tools in the sand. You are doing so well at cleaning and putting the tools back in their place when you have finished with them. Mrs Allen and I have seen some lovely sharing too. On Thursday and Friday, you enjoyed building our very own Betty and Harry (from Blackwell school) scarecrows. Please bring your grown ups to see them on the balcony on Friday 29th September after school.

Indoors, during our Speaking and Listening sessions, we have been practising the skill of keeping quiet to help with listening skills. Try to hide a noisy toy. Then, with everyone else keeping quiet, see if your grown ups can find it using their ears only.

We have been "sorting" in our Maths circle time by colour, shape and size. We even started sorting colours by their shades e.g. dark green and light green. We are looking forward to 'using and choosing' our super sorting skills to sort autumn leaves. 


You have all really enjoyed learning our first Write Dance song "Sandy Hills." Can you remember the words and actions? We have started to put these actions into a drawing. Next week, we will draw with chalks and in the sand!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin