Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News 2

What a super second week at Nursery! We have made some new friends and it has been lovely to see you sharing the Nursery and making them feel welcome.


With our Forest school almost complete, we’ve started to explore the outside areas. We have been weaving in the fences, shelter building, "collecting" with our new bags and we were excited to start using our fire circle. Mrs Allen showed us a fun game to remind us to never cross the circle and to always step behind your seat and walk around. We even created a pretend fire to help us to remember the rules.


You are all doing so well putting on and taking off your shoes, slippers, wellies, waterproofs and coats. Please keep practising this at home as the more you do it,the easier it will get, I promise.


We have all enjoyed munching our way through fruity snacks  whilst talking to our new friends and let’s not forget those lovely hot lunches. Mrs Barker's cooking, and those wonderful puddings, really help to keep our energy levels up for the afternoon.


After a busy morning outside and a hot lunch, you have all enjoyed our quiet time. This is a time to lie back and relax as you listen to a story CD or some peaceful music. It is important, in our busy world, to take some time to relax and to recharge our bodies ready for the next adventure.


Our indoor sessions have been great too. We have used bubbles to help us sit still and funny glasses to help us look. These skills are really important for listening. To make our story experience meaningful, we even tried (and ate!) Baby Bear’s porridge from ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. Some of us were brave enough to eat Daddy Bear’s porridge too. I hope he doesn't use his cross voice with us!


We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to another wonderful week.


Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin