Nursery News ~ 28th June 2019

What a beautiful sunny end to the week we had today.  Sun hats, sun cream and sun fun was very welcome after such a wet Tuesday - that rain even put our own waterproofs to the test!

Transition times into your new Reception classes has begun with lots of you attending new schools or heading across the gully to Red class "Story Club".  You are handling it all so well and am sure your grown ups are all very excited about this special time to come. 

For us this is our final push to get you all "school ready" as you have all come so far.  Our final topic links in with the rest of the school as we finish with "Farming".  Lots of nursery rhymes to play with - Old McDonald, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mary had a little Lamb and "Horsey Horsey" will be our Write Dance tune for next week.  We will continue sorting animals into farm or zoo and ensuring we can match our sounds to the correct animal.  We will also continue working on those early reading skills of blending and segmenting sounds in simple animal words e.g. pig, cat, dog.  Your ability to create these pure letter sounds using our picture prompts, blend two/three together and hear the word is so impressive and a super start to your reading journey!

Lots of you have noticed that we are missing Mrs Allen at the moment.  Unfortunately she is suffering with a trapped sciatic nerve and will not be in back in school with us for a little while yet.  We all wish her well and a speedy recovery - me more so than anyone as I am in charge of the gardening and caterpillars (I think we need to wish them well too!)  Luckily for me, I have some very keen gardeners in George and Alice to keep me in line. :-)

I hope you all enjoy your sunny weekend!

Mrs Mander :-)