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Nursery News ~ 22nd March 2019

Happy Friday!

Another week has flown by but luckily this time with a little less in the way of windy weather meaning we have had some lovely calm/quiet days.  With a whole school trip on Monday, we took the opportunity to explore the whole school again and this time we ate our lunch in the big hall!

In the cabin we have continued our “Families” topic and have been mastering the game of Happy Families.  Thank you for all of your lovely photographs - we almost have a full set! On Thursday we had another family join us in the cabin, a family of tadpoles.  We are all so excited to watch them grow and learn about the lifecycle of a frog.  Rest assured, once they are ready for it, they will be returned to my pond as some of us are NOT frog fans and they will NOT be jumping around the cabin!  We have also started our Phonics work on alliteration and have introduced the game of I Spy.  Our displayed faces have had a shuffle around as we are now next to friends and grownups with the same starting sound as our own.  I wonder if you can play a game of I Spy this weekend to see if you can hear the sounds at the beginning of those words.  With the Spring season comes more outdoor learning and we have taken our Maths circle time outdoors, creating shapes with outdoor objects.  We finished the week with a “Patio Pattern Parade” where we all took part in creating shapes with shapes/chalks.  Our Dough Disco has been Georgie’s choice this week with James Arthur and well done to her for leading us with the actions this week! 

Outdoors we have been mark making as part of our Write Dance with our song “Dinky cars” – the cars have had quite a journey around the forest in the sand, water and down the tunnels.  Next week we will be taking a journey on a “Merry-Go-Round” and practising our circular movements!   Without the rain and wind, we have been able to have a few fires this week.  You are doing really well at remembering the safety elements of sitting around the fire circle and lots of you know how to create a fire too!  We have been singing to a new song “De Di Diddle Do” where we have been holding hands and swinging arms with a friend.  We have enjoyed some different outdoor play on the big playground using the new Basketball nets - we then used these balls to practise our throwing and catching skills.  We have also enjoyed an outdoor Play and Explore on the trim trail!  A firm favourite on Friday when we enjoyed making our own fishing rods with a stick and string and taking them to catch some fish in the gully.  We really enjoyed eating them at lunchtime for Fishy Friday!

Parent Consultation letters went out this week – could these be returned next week so an appointment time to discuss your child’s progress can be arranged on 3rd/4th April.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis xxx