Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 15th March 2019

Happy Red Nose Day! Well done Darcie for wearing your nose and headband today! We had a search in the cabin this morning and found some matching red objects to play listening games with – Who Looks Different and Kim’s memory game.

This week in the cabin we have met a new family – our very own finger family with the Nursery Rhyme “Tommy Thumb”. Can you remember the names of all five members? We have finished off our work on Rhythm and Rhyme with a fun matching game when we split into three teams and had to listen and match our rhyming object. More than half of you are now hearing rhyme in words, which is an excellent start ready for Reception in September. Please do keep going with listening out for rhyming words when sharing stories/singing at home. In Maths we have been matching our numerals to objects with some of us extending onto reading, matching and counting objects up to 10. Thanks to Eve, our Dough Disco song of “Let it Go” has had us singing at the top of our voices while we ball, sausage, pass and pinch the dough – not sure this is one for the Easter coffee morning!! We have continued sharing and talking about our family photos and enjoyed a game of finding all of our own family members when they are all together in a hoop! We are still missing a few family photographs and so could these be brought in next week (or emailed if easier) ready for our Happy Families game.

Outdoors, the plan was to have a fire every day but the weather put a firm stop to that with a lot of rain and wind. Mrs Allen managed to light one on Monday and it was welcomed by us all as we warmed up our hands around it! With a lot of rain, came a lot of wet mud, sand and waterproofs. This gave us the opportunity to Play and Explore on the balcony where we have had stories, playdough, creating pictures with natural materials, puzzles and building blocks. Once the rain had stopped, we ALL enjoyed using the puddles and our paintbrushes to paint and decorate almost all of Forest School! In the afternoons we have discovered an excellent running area down the side of the cabin and have been practising running, slowing down and stopping – quite a tricky skill! We have continued to enjoy our song of “How do you do” and learnt how to greet in different ways. We have also enjoyed our Write Dance song of “Dinky car” and driven our dinky cars around Forest School. Next week, we will be taking some dinky cars to mark make in paint, mud and sand.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis xxx