Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 8th March 2019

Bonjour Nursery!

What a lovely week we have had with Maelle and Enora who have come all the way from France to play with us. They taught us the Days of the Week, counting to ten and they even taught us some new French nursery rhymes! We are sad to see them go today as lots of you have enjoyed playing with them.

This week in the cabin we have been working on our Maths skills of reading numerals and did really well playing Numeral Bingo for the first time! I wonder if you can read the numbers on your door at home and share these with your friends next week? We continued our work on “Families” and really enjoyed puzzling the family photographs back together. We talked about how many are in our family and even met the Oxford Reading Tree family of Mum, Dad, Biff, Chip and Kipper! Recognising and learning their names will help lots of you when you move in to Reception in September. Our Nursery Rhyme was “This Little Piggy went to Market” and we role played this with small world props and then our own little pigs in our socks! The Greatest Showman was a lot of fun for Miles as a dough disco song, next week Eve’s choice!

Outdoors, we have had fun finding ways that we can mark make outside. We started the week by using our whittling skills to create our own pens with sticks. Mrs Allen showed us how we can make them look even better by tying leaves, bark, feathers around the top – they ended up looking like “Quills”! Once we made our tools, you then had a lot of fun using these with mud by dipping it in and mark making on paper. At the end of the week, we moved on to exploring other ways to mark make using brooms, charcoal and even carrots. We also took our Write Dance outside in the week and made marks to our song “We can do Anything” in the sand with two sticks. J In the afternoons, we have been enjoying a new song “How do you do?”. I wonder if you can remember how to sing it and teach it to your family this weekend?

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis xxxN