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Nursery News ~ 18th February 2019

Happy Half Term!

We hope you and your families are having a fun-filled week. :-)

This time last Monday, we were explorers on a hunt of interesting objects, pictures, and even animals around Blackwell School.  What a different day we had following our picture clues - the top three highlights were drawing an interactive picture on Yellow class IWB (interactive whiteboard), sitting on the big chairs in Blue class and playing with Miss Townsend's Maths equipment (I hope we put them back correctly as she is very fussy about things being tidy!) and cuddling the guinea pigs in Purple class.  The school will be going on another whole school trip in March so shall we do the same thing but this time explore some different areas.....perhaps experience what lunch is like in the hall, see if our daily "Smart Moves" has made us strong enough to try out the Trim Trail.....

Last week in the cabin we have also worked on a new skill of syllables.  We began by trying to sort our own names into hoops of either 1,2,3 claps and then as the week moved on (and we improved!) we mixed this with our Maths focus and tried listening to and copying sounds using musical instruments.  The chime bars were the biggest hit - we definitely need to bring a set of these to the cabin!  Perhaps this half term you could show your grown-ups how many claps are in your name and see if they can repeat with their own?  I wonder if there are any names out there with four claps in your family?  We also have been enjoying our Write Dance song of "Little Sun" and with the weather warming up, we enjoyed dancing and mark making outdoors to this in the flour on the patio!  Thank you Darcie for sharing your favourite disco song of "We Will Rock You" - how funny to see you all master that Rhythm Pattern with clapping on your own, clapping with a friend and of course with the dough!

Outdoors, Mrs Allen has introduced us to more tools - a hand drill and a screwdriver.  You all had a good try to twist the screws into the wooden block.  This was so much trickier than the hammer/nails from the week before.  Perhaps your grownups could use your help during half term with some DIY!  Mrs Allen has also been teaching you some new songs and playing the playground game of tag.  In the Story Area, she showed you how you could use the toys/props to recreate the story of the Princess and the Frog.

Speaking of frogs - I wonder how the frogspawn slime that we made on Friday is getting on in the tank...... :-O

When we come back after half term, the topic will be "My Family" - could you bring in a photograph of you and your family for us to copy and keep and we are going to be using for all sorts of games/activities!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Broome. Xx