Nursery News ~ 2nd December 2018

What a wet week we have had in the Forest School! That didn’t stop us though. This week Mrs Allen has taken us around to our building area down the side of the cabin. She has taught us all how to pick up, move and tidy away our large sticks and stones. Can you remember what animal you chose to be with your long stick tail? How many large stones do you think are safe to stack? It was great to see this area being used more in the week - building shelters for yourself with the sticks and your insect friends with the stones. We also enjoyed a new take on the game “1, 2, 3 where are you?” with trying to find a hidden person by sound alone – bells. It was difficult with all the wind/rain, but we managed it!

In the cabin we put listening skill of “Staying Quiet” to the challenge with a new game of “Chinese Whispers”. We need to work on those whispering skills but we got there in the end. Our nursery rhyme this week was a new one for all of you “One Finger, One Thumb” – we enjoyed adding our own twist to the rhyme by moving body parts – thank you to Matthew and George for your suggestions. Our Phonics games this week has had us marching, tiptoeing and stopping to the sound of the tinkle bells and drum – you can now even change direction to move towards the sound! In Maths we have been matching out Numicon to number cards, dice and adding the correct number of people into the Numicon boats. We have been mark making with blue paint mixed with handwash (!) and Dough Discoing to “I’m Happy”.


We are almost ready to show off our Write Dance and Dough Disco moves to you all with our very own Nursery Christmas show! Please do come along to see us on Thursday 20th December at 2.30pm in the cabin. If your child does not attend on this day, please bring them along at 2.15pm and enjoy coffee/cake on the balcony while you wait.

Thank you for all your Christmas card orders. The print that was sent home on the letter is just an example of what it will look like – your child’s own version is by far much better! These cards ordered will be coming out to you this week, ready for you to write to friends/family.

As well as Christmas cards, the children have created some beautiful Forest School/Christmas produce with Mrs Allen for you to buy at the Christmas Fair on Friday – please do come and find us on Friday night between 6-8pm.

See most of you tomorrow for what looks set to be another wet week!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis.