Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 22nd September 2018

Hello from a very wet team!

What wet and windy weather we have had this week but did it stop us having fun? Absolutely not! Dealing with wet, muddy boots and hands is all part of the fun! I am sure your grownups have thoroughly enjoyed scrubbing those finger nails this week and getting sand out of your hair!

Indoors, during Circle Time, we have been:

  • Continuing with our Listening Game “A Good Listener is looking at the person talking”.  A big hit was “Blink for a Turn” – who knew some metal rings could create such good looking skills.  We have applied our looking skills to find and match our names on our photograph on the wall.  We will be using this as a “self registration tool” in the next few weeks so perhaps your grownups can help you look for your name at home.
  • Phonics – we have enjoyed using our special paperclips to record sounds inside and outside the Nursery.  Thankfully Mrs Franklin and Mrs Broome were very noisy when cleaning away after lunch as we captured that sound easily.  Being able to listen to and copy these sounds is the start of your journey into reading!  How exciting!
  • Maths – we have been learning about the number 2.  We have used parts of our body to talk about the number 2 – can you remember what parts of your body you have two of?  We have looked at the pattern of Numicon Two, Egg Box Two and Dice Two.  It is so important to see how different it can look.
  • Nursery Rhyme – “I’m a Little Teapot”.  We all enjoyed the dance and of course, the shouting teapot part of the rhyme.  Today we enjoy jumbling up the parts of the rhyme and trying to put it back together so it sounded right. 
  • Write Dance – we have continued with our Sandy Hills song and started mark making to the music this week with flour and shaving foam.  How funny to see the difference in you all in mark making when it came to making a mess!  The challenge of Write Dance is to use both hands in unison – this was very tricky for lots of you.  J

Outdoors, we have:

  • Opened up the Story Area – Mrs Allen has been sharing the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in lots of ways, using lots of outdoor props.  Our favourite part of this was today watching a group of you act out the story with Three Bears, Goldilocks and a super warm up act courtesy of Luna. J
  • Mud Kitchen and Sand – with lots of rain comes lots of wet mud and sand and what fun we had making pies, soup, drinks, cakes….!  How different it all is when it is easier to handle. 
  • Gully – we have been talking about floating and sinking and you have enjoyed sailing all sorts of bits and pieces along a very full gully.  Our boats seem to have multiplied thanks to Mrs Allen!

Now the weather is cooling down, please do come in with warmer clothes and if you want, bring that warm hat in ready to leave with us in the nursery.  Grownups, can you ensure you send your child in appropriate “child friendly” clothes for Forest School.  We are working on independence a lot in this first half term and so bear this in mind when dressing them in the morning.  J

Have a lovely lovely weekend.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis.