Nursery News ~ 29th June 2018

Happy Friday!

Indoors, in Circle Times, we have been focusing on:

  • Phonics – we have been listening to the sounds in colour words this week to complete and match a grownups pattern e.g. /r/ /e/ /d/ = red. Some of you have even had a go at being the teacher by segmenting the sounds yourself – a VERY tricky skill!
  • Maths – we have been recognising and reading our numbers to 10 and then applying this knowledge in filling up our cone cups. Some children even took on the challenge of putting their cones together to combine the two numbers. Another favourite game this week was “Number Top Trumps” when the person with “more” won the pile – a great skill when it comes to adding by “counting on”.
  • Nursery Rhyme – a beautiful rendition of “You are my Sunshine” has been enjoyed by all this week – thank you Nell for bringing in that guitar as it opened up our learning to what other instruments we could play to the tune.
  • C&L – we have enjoyed a week talking about babies. We had fun predicting who in Blackwell School was growing a baby in their tummy and then we found out on Wednesday when we had Mrs Dudek come and answer all of our interesting (!) questions. Thank you Mrs Dudek and thank you too Mrs Webb for letting us have a peek into your life as a Mum in your photobook. We finished off the topic today with looking at the Mander girls’ scans on the lightbox – they were very hard to work out but I can assure you, I didn’t grow a dolphin! J
  • Write Dance/Dough Disco – our Write Dance song “The Gateway” has had us jumping up and down with our bodies and zigzagging with our writing materials.

Outdoors, in Forest School, we have enjoyed our:

  • Pruning – we have used our scissor skills this week in helping to keep the Forest School bushes smart and tidy.
  • Water Play – with the hot weather upon us, we have enjoyed playing in the water to keep us cool and taking this water into the sand to make ponds.
  • Building dens – we have been using Y sticks to build a shelter suitable to keep us all out of the sun. Well done for using your tying and wrapping skills to secure the sticks together.
  • Mrs Allen enjoyed introducing you to the chime bars and you tried really hard to listen and copy the sounds of C, D and E.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Summer Fair tomorrow. Please do come and find us as the clay creations of the Butterfly lifecycle are ready for purchase! J

Mrs. Mander, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs Cain and Mrs. Thompson