Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 27th May 2018

Happy Holidays!

Sadly our Sports Afternoon was postponed on Friday and we were all ready to go as well – Mrs Allen had been boiling eggs all week in preparation!  Our new date will be Friday 20th July at 2.00pm.  Please note this is different from the rest of the school’s Sports Day.

Indoors, in Circle Time, we have been focusing on:

* Phonics –our final week of “Voice Sounds” had us changing our voices from loud to quiet.  We learnt the musical symbol for both of these and enjoyed singing our favourite nursery rhymes, changing the volume throughout.

* Maths – our warm-up “Dancing in the sun” song has had us counting to ten and beyond by adding our flower friends.  After all the Write Dance and Dough Disco practice this year, it was time to put all of our hard work to the test by learning how to draw the numbers 0 to 4.  We learnt a new rhyme for each one – I wonder if you can remember one?

* C&L – we have been learning about what the word “setting” means in our favourite stories and sorting which characters match which setting.  When sharing a story with a grown up this holiday, see if you can spot the setting of your stories at home!

* EAD –our Write Dance tune of Merry Go Round has sent us into a spin!  We have been galloping in a circle, twisting our wrists in a circle, spinning in a circle and drawing in circles.  We all felt quite dizzy!

Outdoors, in Forest School, we have been:

* Putting all our Sports Day events together to prepare for our Sporting afternoon.

* Den building with tarpaulin, rope and pegs to create a space for us out of the rain.

* Creating natural pictures on the balcony with sticks, stones and shells.

* Building castles with our boxes by creating structures with a roof, walls and a floor on which we can all lie down on.

A quick reminder to our Blackwell Reception children in September 2018 – story club starts on Thursday 21st June.  If your child attends on a Thursday, we will ensure that they get there on time and so no need for you to change any plans! J

We all hope you have an enjoyable week off – fingers crossed that the sun makes an appearance again!

Mrs. Mander, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Thompson