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Happy Half Term

Well what a busy half term it has been in Green Class. Highlights have included a fantastic class assembly, some excellent story writing, information writing about Egypt to go into the school time capsule and children being motivated mathematicians. The half term has brought changes and the children have continued to show great enthusiasm for their learning and have made lots of progress. Infact, a recent inspection commented on the excellent progress of Year 1! We are looking forward to sharing the children's work with families at parent consultations and we are sure it’ll make you as proud of them as we are. Over the holidays, please make sure the children have a rest but continue to enjoy reading and practising any mental maths from the homework sheet. We look forward to seeing you after the break for some adventures with the Jolly Postman.

Mrs James, Mrs Moss, Mrs Edney and Mrs Marks

Well done Green Class

Hello Green Class,


Well done for a super 'Roald Dahl' topic. You wrote fabulous stories, created beautiful Roly Poly Birds and sang, danced and acted really well during your finale...the Class Assembly.


Time for a new topic now...Egypt and all of the exciting, new things that you will find out with Mrs James and Mrs Edney.


I have had a wonderful time with you all and will keep checking that you are working hard with your learning. Well done.


Mrs Moss :)

End of term

Dear Children,


Well done for a super end of term. The Nativity was a great success and you have enjoyed learning about Christmas and enjoying the end of term activities.

We need to say a BIG well done for working so hard this term and for making such good progress with your learning. You should feel very proud.


Have a lovely holiday and lots of sleep and playing but also...try to keep reading and if you have a few minutes spare you could practise things from the list below so that you don't forget them:


  1.  Practise telling the time using o'clock and half past on an analogue clock.
  2.  Practise finding the time that is one hour after or before any time that is o'clock or half past.
  3.  Practise your number bonds to 10 off by heart.
  4.  Practise adding all single digit numbers within 10 mentally - you just need to know them by heart!
  5.  Practise reading any key words from your reports.


Also, you could have a go at the following activities and bring them to school on Wednesday 4th January:


  1.  Read some of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes (they are really revolting though so be prepared!).
  2.  Draw a picture of one of your favourite rhymes.
  3.  Write a postcard to one of the characters from a Revolting Rhyme.


Well that is it for 2016. We look forward to seeing you in 2017 all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for lots of learning. Have a super holiday.


Mrs Moss, Mrs Edney and Mrs Marks xx




Over the next two weeks, your homework is to practise your number bonds to 10 (both addition and subtraction facts i.e. 6 + 4 = 10, 10 - 2 = 8) and to enjoy lots of reading.


Love from Mrs Moss and Mrs Edney :)

The extraordinary case of the Green Class shoes!

Hello All,


Some of you will be aware that we have some perplexing shoe issues in Green Class! Two boys have definitely been going home in the wrong shoes and there may now be a third...


Please can you look at Clarks shoes (black with dinosaurs on the sole and two velcro straps)? The boys we have in the wrong shoes are size 10 1/2, but who knows which sizes have become muddled. One pair has a pair of blue insoles in and they do not belong to the boy wearing them, but no-one has claimed them.


We have looked at all of the identical looking shoes of the boys in Green Class and have had no joy in solving the mystery. Can you help?


Best wishes,


Mrs Moss

Welcome Green Class

Hello Green Class,


I hope that you have all had a lovely holiday, but I am very excited that tomorrow is coming because then I get to see all of you again. I really enjoyed meeting you all in July and this week we will find out lots more about each other. I can't wait! 


We will be learning about the Romans for the next few weeks and preparing for a 'Grand Opening' where your work will be on display and your families can come and look around. So, if you have any fascinating facts to tell me about the Romans, maybe you could write it down and bring it in or ask a grown up to help you. 


Make sure you have an early night tonight and come in ready for exciting learning tomorrow.


Miss Cheetham :)


Grabbit Homework!

Hello Green Class,

For your homework this week Grabbit would like you to create an olympic sport for him to take part in. You can draw the sporting activity, including any other contestants you think would like to take part. Maybe you could be really ingenious and think of a way to make Grabbit move and win the race!

Have a lovely weekend!

From Mrs Edney and Mrs Allen :)

Noah's Ark Homework

Hi Green Class,

I can't believe I couldn't get into school today! I was stuck on the M5 motorway for eight hours! It was a very boring day for me so I hope you had a nicer time at school.

As we have begun our 'Judaism' topic I thought you might like to watch 'Noah's Ark', one of the stories from The Old Testament and choose one of the activities below. The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni1Y_ZHG-es

You could choose to:

retell the story, create a collage that represents the story or paint a picture.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

From Mrs Edney x