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Bring in the Vikings!

What a fantastic first topic of the year we had. The children have settled well into Year 1 and have developed in confidence with their new routines and expectations. We are very proud of how well they are working. We hope you enjoyed looking at our scarecrows at our festival on Friday and saw all the brilliant work we did in DT to design and make them. If you missed it, we will be sending home our mini scarecrows for you to share at home. During the topic, the children worked really hard writing sentences about Betty and Harry’s wedding in English and have been developing their calculation skills in Maths. We even heard some children saying they were going to ask for a purple pen for Christmas as they have been learning to respond to the marking the teachers do in their books.

We will now be starting our new topic which is… The Vikings. We will be learning about Viking lifestyles and presenting our findings through art and writing which we will share with you at our open evening just before half term.

A few bits and pieces:

-Thursday is our trip to Bishop’s Wood so please send children to school in jogging bottoms, coats and warm socks as we will be outside for most of the day.

-The children change their reading books themselves every morning, please help them by reminding them to change it if they need to and it’s always worth a check at the end of the day to check they have got a new book and that it’s the right colour. Thank you for the brilliant effort people put into their homework last week. Homework in the yellow books is however optional and reading practise is what makes the most significant impact on your child’s progress.

-Should there be anything you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to ask any member of the team.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs James, Mrs Freeman, Mrs Morgan and Mrs Reid x

Super start

What a fantastic start the children in Green Class have made this week! The children have had to learn lots of new routines and are doing an excellent job. They have had lots of comments from the adults in school about how grown up they look when they are working and moving around school.

This week they have worked on skills they need to make a scarecrow such as designing, cutting and tying. They have also worked with a new learning partner to share all the exciting things they have done over the holidays. It is a class of very lucky children: trips abroad and within this country, seeing Usain Bolt run, being VIPs at the Lego shop and there was even a shark tooth in Green Class! We’ve heard about sausage dogs, new bedrooms and new baby siblings this week so we feel like we are getting to know each other well.

The children have been given a reading book at their current level, please keep it over the weekend as we will teach the children how to change them themselves on Monday as they have a lot to remember in the mornings this week.

Next week, you will have a newsletter with all important information on such as what we are teaching the children and days for Forest School etc. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to ask.

The children are looking a little bit tired, please have a restful weekend. We are looking forward to working with our new Green Class families and meeting you over the next few weeks.

Mrs James, Mrs Freeman, Mrs Morgan and Mrs Reid  x

Welcome to Green Class

Welcome to our new Green Class children. We really enjoyed spending time with you in the last week of term and we have been busy getting our classroom ready for September. Over the holidays we would like you to collect a few objects to show the things you have been doing. This may include: photographs, drawings, tickets or shells from the beach. These will be used to help you to talk to your new learning partner.


When we return, our new topic is Seasons and Scarecrows. Our literacy text will be: The Scarecrows’ Wedding by Julia Donaldson. It would be great if you could read it or watch an online version with your grown up over the summer.


Have a fantastic break and we’ll see you in September.


Love from


Mrs James and Mrs Freeman 

Happy Holidays

What a fantastic end of term we had in Green Class. We loved ending the year with a whole school tea party, enjoying time at Forest School and becoming Wake and Shake champions. The children end the year as confident, motivated learners who are ready for Year 2. We will miss them very much but will enjoy hearing about how much progress they will continue to make in Purple Class.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your very generous gifts and kind words, we were truly overwhelmed. We hope you have a great summer filled with lots of rest and play and we’ll see you in September.


Love from


Mrs James, Mrs Edney and Mrs Marks

Goodbye to the circus

What a super week we had last week to finish off our circus topic. Green Class worked exceptionally hard writing stories about Paddington's trip to the circus and we even had tears when I told the children that it was our last time telling the story as tomorrow brings a new topic...Creepy Crawlies. During this topic children will be researching their favourite creepy crawlies using books, ipads and netbooks and then writing riddles for others to guess what their favourite animal is. With Mrs Edney, children will be developing their 3D art skills to create some very exciting produce for our Summer Fayre and our topic will end with a very special whole school tea party. (More information to follow.)


Our topic will start tomorrow with a creepy crawly hunt at Forest School which will help us to do some observational drawings and use our art skills which Mrs Marks has developed in Art Club. Please send children to school with a hat, sun cream applied and they are welcome to wear jogging bottoms or bring some to change into. Don't worry if you read this at a later date as we always have necessary clothes in school. 


The children have made me immensely proud this year and I am looking forward to sharing one last topic with them before they move to Purple Class.


See you in the morning,


Mrs James x

Circus Homework

Hello Green Class,


Your optional homework sheets will be sent out on Monday but Mrs Edney and I wanted to set you some challenges over the weekend:


Please can you use a skipping rope (or any piece of rope) to practise skipping as Mrs Edney needs leaders to help her in sports club this week?


Also Mrs James would like everyone to read their reading books at least once and if possible visit the website below to practise your phonics. You can select from Buried Treasure, Picnic on Pluto or Dragon’s Den. Select the ‘revise all phase 5’ option.




We are looking forward to another busy week in Green Class.


Mrs James

Well done team Green

Hello Green Class,


What a super end to the half term we had. You wrote the most amazing stories as part of our inventions topic and you all did yourselves proud with excellent displays of sportsmanship during our sports morning. We hope you have a fantastic half term and have lots of rest and play. When we return, our topic will be the circus and we will be reading about Paddington Bear’s trip to the circus. Over the holidays, please keep reading and practising mental maths facts from the homework sheet. If you did want to do any extra work, you could do some research about the circus and present it in any format you like or you could have a go at creating a circus collage which is the art skill we will be developing during this topic.


Have a great week,


Mrs James, Mrs Edney and Mrs Marks

Well done Green Class

What a super day we all had on our trip to the Black Country Living Museum today. We learnt what life was like for people during times without the great inventions we have now such as electric lights and flushing toilets. We had a tour of the shops, a trip in a canal boat, saw iron chains being made and compared homes of rich and poor people. The children were shocked to learn that babies slept in drawers and 8 people shared one bedroom in one of the homes we saw. The children's favourite room was definitely St James's School where the children had a Victorian lesson. The lesson did not end well for Mrs James and Mrs Edney who were on the wrong end of the cane. Throughout the day, the children made us proud by the way they behaved and the interest and enthusiasm they showed towards the museum staff.


Well done to all of Green Class.


Love from


Mrs James, Mrs Edney and Mrs Marks

Happy Easter Green Class

What a fabulous end to the term we had in Green Class! The children performed excellently at the Easter coffee 
morning and have continued to amaze us with their attitudes to learning and trying very hard with lots of challenging
learning. We are very proud of them.
Last week, some children went to a drama workshop at South Bromsgrove High School. The children represented our
school impeccably and we definitely have some budding actors and actresses in our midst! Other children will take part
in other opportunities as they arise.
Over the Easter break, enjoy a well-deserved rest and hopefully the lovely sunny weather will continue so that you can enjoy
lots of outdoor play. Please continue to keep reading those brand new books and practising any mental maths facts from the
homework sheet. When we return, our topic is'Inventions'. If you did want to do some research into great inventions, that
would be really useful and you can share it on our return to school. You can present it as a picture or some writing by hand
or typed. Another challenge is to find an exciting story about an invention or inventor. Mrs James's is ‘The Monster Machine’. Have a very happy Easter Green Class. Love Mrs James and Mrs Edney

Happy Half Term

Well what a busy half term it has been in Green Class. Highlights have included a fantastic class assembly, some excellent story writing, information writing about Egypt to go into the school time capsule and children being motivated mathematicians. The half term has brought changes and the children have continued to show great enthusiasm for their learning and have made lots of progress. Infact, a recent inspection commented on the excellent progress of Year 1! We are looking forward to sharing the children's work with families at parent consultations and we are sure it’ll make you as proud of them as we are. Over the holidays, please make sure the children have a rest but continue to enjoy reading and practising any mental maths from the homework sheet. We look forward to seeing you after the break for some adventures with the Jolly Postman.

Mrs James, Mrs Moss, Mrs Edney and Mrs Marks

Well done Green Class

Hello Green Class,


Well done for a super 'Roald Dahl' topic. You wrote fabulous stories, created beautiful Roly Poly Birds and sang, danced and acted really well during your finale...the Class Assembly.


Time for a new topic now...Egypt and all of the exciting, new things that you will find out with Mrs James and Mrs Edney.


I have had a wonderful time with you all and will keep checking that you are working hard with your learning. Well done.


Mrs Moss :)

End of term

Dear Children,


Well done for a super end of term. The Nativity was a great success and you have enjoyed learning about Christmas and enjoying the end of term activities.

We need to say a BIG well done for working so hard this term and for making such good progress with your learning. You should feel very proud.


Have a lovely holiday and lots of sleep and playing but also...try to keep reading and if you have a few minutes spare you could practise things from the list below so that you don't forget them:


  1.  Practise telling the time using o'clock and half past on an analogue clock.
  2.  Practise finding the time that is one hour after or before any time that is o'clock or half past.
  3.  Practise your number bonds to 10 off by heart.
  4.  Practise adding all single digit numbers within 10 mentally - you just need to know them by heart!
  5.  Practise reading any key words from your reports.


Also, you could have a go at the following activities and bring them to school on Wednesday 4th January:


  1.  Read some of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes (they are really revolting though so be prepared!).
  2.  Draw a picture of one of your favourite rhymes.
  3.  Write a postcard to one of the characters from a Revolting Rhyme.


Well that is it for 2016. We look forward to seeing you in 2017 all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for lots of learning. Have a super holiday.


Mrs Moss, Mrs Edney and Mrs Marks xx




Over the next two weeks, your homework is to practise your number bonds to 10 (both addition and subtraction facts i.e. 6 + 4 = 10, 10 - 2 = 8) and to enjoy lots of reading.


Love from Mrs Moss and Mrs Edney :)

The extraordinary case of the Green Class shoes!

Hello All,


Some of you will be aware that we have some perplexing shoe issues in Green Class! Two boys have definitely been going home in the wrong shoes and there may now be a third...


Please can you look at Clarks shoes (black with dinosaurs on the sole and two velcro straps)? The boys we have in the wrong shoes are size 10 1/2, but who knows which sizes have become muddled. One pair has a pair of blue insoles in and they do not belong to the boy wearing them, but no-one has claimed them.


We have looked at all of the identical looking shoes of the boys in Green Class and have had no joy in solving the mystery. Can you help?


Best wishes,


Mrs Moss