Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Goodbye to the circus

What a super week we had last week to finish off our circus topic. Green Class worked exceptionally hard writing stories about Paddington's trip to the circus and we even had tears when I told the children that it was our last time telling the story as tomorrow brings a new topic...Creepy Crawlies. During this topic children will be researching their favourite creepy crawlies using books, ipads and netbooks and then writing riddles for others to guess what their favourite animal is. With Mrs Edney, children will be developing their 3D art skills to create some very exciting produce for our Summer Fayre and our topic will end with a very special whole school tea party. (More information to follow.)


Our topic will start tomorrow with a creepy crawly hunt at Forest School which will help us to do some observational drawings and use our art skills which Mrs Marks has developed in Art Club. Please send children to school with a hat, sun cream applied and they are welcome to wear jogging bottoms or bring some to change into. Don't worry if you read this at a later date as we always have necessary clothes in school. 


The children have made me immensely proud this year and I am looking forward to sharing one last topic with them before they move to Purple Class.


See you in the morning,


Mrs James x