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 Blue Class News

Year 4 Job Scheme

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you've had a lovely Christmas and a good rest.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Thursday where we will be starting our new topic about exciting stories with villianous characters (remember to bring in any work you have done to do with this) and then we're off to the theatre on Friday. What a great way to start the new year!

Remember to bring back your P.E. kit (to include jogging bottoms, a warm jumper, trainers and thick socks), a named water bottle and a hooded waterproof coat.

Finally, just a reminder for those of you who are keen to take part in the Year 4 job scheme, application forms and references must be handed in by this Friday.

Have a good last couple of days of the holiday.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx



Happy Christmas

Well done children for a great end of term. We had a lovely day today watching the pantomime and having our Christmas party. 

I hope you enjoy the Christmas break, spending time with your family, playing and getting plenty of rest. However, it is really important that you spend some time doing the following:

  • Reading
  • Learn your 4 times tables and corresponding division facts by heart (the aim is to recall the answer to a question within a couple of seconds). If you're fluent already, then make a start learning your 6 times table.

When we come back to school in January, we have a really exciting topic linked to some very exciting stories! During the first couple of days back, you will be doing some art and experimenting with language linked with your favourite beastly story character. Cruella de Vil will lead by example and I'm really looking forward to seeing her when we go and watch 101 Dalmatians with you all. Over the holiday, have a think about who your favourite beastly character is i.e. Professor Snape, the Grand High Witch, Miss Trunchbull... See if you can find some pictures of them, extracts from the book which describes your character and anything else to do with them. Bring it all in on the first day to share with us and you will use it to help with your learning.

Finally, thank you to you and your grown ups for all your kind Christmas messages and gifts.

Mrs Marks and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2018!

Lots of love

Miss Townsend xxx


The Snowman

What a performance! Well done everyone. Your performances over the last two days have been brilliant and I know your parents really enjoyed watching you. It's hard to believe that we didn't even do a full dress rehearsal due to the snowy weather. I was so very proud seeing you perform with such confidence and happiness and leading by example. Your singing, dancing, acting, narrating and smiling was all great and gets a 10 out of 10 from me!

After all of your hard work, we enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner back at school. The pigs in blankets certainly disappeared off plates very quickly and it was lovely to see so many of you eat the sprouts and all the trimmings too. A big thank you to Mrs Barker and her team for such a delicious meal.

Have a good weekend and I'll see you for our last two days together before the Christmas holidays. Keep being patient... it's not long now!

from Miss Townsend x

Super Stars!

What a great performance you gave yesterday! You were all brilliant in our 'Newsround' family assembly and your parents were all very proud of you. You spoke with great confidence, knew exactly what to do and when and it was lovely to see so many smiles on your faces throughout. We've had a great time learning about China over the last few weeks and you've worked very hard. Well done to you all - my super stars!

So... have a good rest this weekend because on Monday we start our Christmas play rehearsals. We love being busy in Blue! Please remember to bring your costumes in on Monday in a named carrier bag.

I hope to see many of you later at the Christmas Fair. Your jolly looking Rudolphs are waiting for you!

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

Important Year 4 homework

This weekend, your homework is to check you know your part of The Willow Pattern Story retell and to learn your individual lines by heart ready for rehearsals on Monday. Remember to practise those loud, clear and expressive voices!

Children in Need

What can I say! I am so incredibly proud of the children in Blue Class who decided a few weeks ago they would like to raise money for Children in Need. Without any help from myself, they planned what they were going to make, created posters, organised who was doing what and then sold their handmade goods today to an eager rest of the school. It was a great success and they raised an incredible £50. Thank you to the other children (and parents) who baked cakes to sell and brought in other goodies. You have shown me not only how independent you are and but even more importantly how caring and thoughtful you are. I'll go home tonight feeling very proud.

Have a lovely weekend my super stars and I'll see you on Monday.

Love from Miss Townsend x

P.S. Homework this weekend is to learn your part of the Willow Pattern story by heart and with great expression.

A good start to our new topic

Hello Children,

It was lovely to chat to your grown ups this week and share how well you are doing with your learning. Your parents were very proud when they looked in your books and saw your hard work and effort. You will soon take home your report. Ask your parents to share it with you so that you know what you are doing well and what your next steps are so we can all work together to help you make even more progress.

I hope you have time to rest and play this weekend alongside enjoying a good book and practising those 3 times tables until you know them by heart. Practising at home makes such a difference to your learning.

Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you bright and breezy on Monday morning for some retelling, dancing and more!

Love from Miss Townsend x


Happy Half Term

Hello Children,

Well done for a super first half term in Blue Class. I have been extremely impressed by your attitudes towards learning and, because of this, the progress you have already made. We will certainly have a very happy and successful year.

After half term, our topic will be Festivals Around the World and part of our learning will involve investigating China and Buddhism. The Willow Tree story will be our inspiration and we will use this to develop our reading, writing, music and art skills. In Numeracy, we will be developing our mental and written methods for multiplication and division. The 3 times table will be our times table of focus and it would be helpful to practise this over the half term holiday so that you are ready to use and apply these skills when you return. Practising the 2 and 5 times table that we focused on last half term would be extremely beneficial too if you are not yet able to recall them by heart, in any order or recall the corresponding division facts.

Have a lovely half term holiday and have a well deserved rest. Keep safe, have fun and I'll see you bright and breezy on Monday 30th October.

Love from Miss Townsend x

Blue Class Baking Success

Well done children for cooking and bringing in lots of delicious cakes and biscuits today for our cake sale. There certainly seemed a lot of people enjoying your tasty treats at the end of the day. I'm sure you've helped make lots of money for the school. I'd like to say a big thank you to the Blue Class parents who helped to sell them and to the PFTA for your continued hard work and support.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Remember to find time to play, rest, talk, read and practise those times tables and other number facts indicated on our newsletter and homework sheet.

I'll see you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday when we'll be planning our Viking reports and continuing to develop our team game skills in P.E. 

Love from Miss Townsend x

End of our Scarecrow topic and now time for... THE VIKINGS!

Hello Children,

Well done for your brilliant scarecrows and 'Wanted' posters that were proudly on display during our Scarecrow Festival this afternoon. They all looked great and your moving scarecrows were admired by many. You worked with such determination and concentration today to get those cam mechanisms to work successfully.  I'm pleased to say that our Father Christmas scarecrow was a winner but most importantly it was so nice to see you and your grown ups having a lovely time together sharing your learning.

Next week sees the start of another exciting topic... THE VIKINGS. We are lucky to start this topic off on Monday with a trip to Bishop's Wood where we will be introduced to Viking life. As we will be outside for most of the day, you need to wear jogging bottoms, trainers and a warm waterproof coat with a hood. You also need to bring two drinks.

Have a lovely weekend my super stars!

Love from Miss Townsend x

Bits and Pieces

Well done for working so hard again this week and I know we're looking forward to next week already when we will be designing and making our scarecrows for our Scarecrow Festival next Friday.

Just a couple of bits and pieces:

  • Homework books went home tonight and I am looking forward to seeing what super learning you choose to do this weekend.
  • Completing homework from the topic sheet is optional at the moment, however, you are expected to read every day at home and practise your times tables daily too. Check you know your 2 and 5 times tables by heart (saying the answer within 3 seconds) and out of order without having to count on your fingers.
  • Remember to bring in any clothes or props we need for our class scarecrows on Monday.
  • If you are interested in being on the School Council, you need to prepare a short speech (approximately 1 minute) ready for Wednesday - our election day!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Have plenty of time to rest and play ready for another busy and exciting week ahead.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

What a great first week!

Well done children for a super first week back. You have all settled into the new routines quickly and have shown me what keen and hardworking children you are. I think we're going to have a brilliant year together!

You have done some great learning already including:

  • Designing scarecrows with a partner and learning how to compromise effectively; 
  •  Showing me your super reading skills by retelling our scarecrow story and asking lots of interesting questions; 
  •  Recognising what is special about yourself and others in PSHE; and 
  •  Learning how to sing in two parts.

What busy bees you've been. I think you all deserve a good rest this weekend.

I'll see you on Monday when we will have our first P.E. lesson so remember to bring your P.E. kit into school if you haven't done so already. Our class newsletter that you took home this evening lists everything you need to have in your kit.

Have a lovely weekend,

from Miss Townsend x

P.S. Remember to start asking your grown ups if you are allowed to borrow any of the clothes you have included in your scarecrow design. They need to be brought into school the week beginning 25th September.

New Year 5s

Hello to all the new Year 5s from Blue Class,

I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for your new exciting adventures at middle school to begin! I imagine you have all enjoyed sorting your new pencil cases and packing your bags. I hope you all have a lovely first day (having a few nerves is normal though) and keep remembering everything we have taught you at Blackwell - be kind, try your best and have fun!

I will miss all of you very much so you must pop in and let us know how you are getting on if you pass by.

All the very best.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

It's nearly time!

Hello Blue Class,

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and have had lots of rest in preparation for a very exciting year ahead! As you know, our first topic is Scarecrows and I have planned lots of exciting and challenging learning for you including planning and setting up our very own scarecrow festival.

With another week left before you come back to school, you might like to get your brains buzzing and do your own learning at home. You might want to start designing your own scarecrow and think about how you might make it and what materials you would need. The challenge in Blue Class is to make a moving scarecrow! You can bring your design to school on the first day back and share it with the class.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I’ll see you bright and breezy on Wednesday 6th September. I’m really looking forward to it.

From Miss Townsend xxx

P.S. Remember to pick up and enjoy a book this week too and revisit those times tables you learned with Miss Steele to check that you know them by heart. It will make such a difference to your learning when you come back to school.