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Blue Class

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 Blue Class News

Year 5s

Hello to all of the children who are about to start at their new middle school. I hope you have all had a good holiday, had lots of fun and plenty of rest. I wish you all the very best at your new school. Keep working hard and do the best that you can do. If you are passing Blackwell pop in and tell us how you are getting on.

All the very best,

love from Miss Townsend x

Blue Class September 2013

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays and have had lots of fun and a good rest. I am very much looking forward to school starting again next week where we will be learning all about what it was like to be a Victorian child. If you are able to before you return to school try and find out 3 interesting things about life for a Victorian child which you will be able to share with our new class. It might be something about their clothing, toys, school or even work! I have planned lots of exciting learning for our new topic and it might also involve a trip too!
Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I'll see you all very soon.
from Miss Townsend x