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Blue Class

Blue Class News

 Blue Class News

Christmas Homework

Dear Children,
You will have a sheet of song words to practise for the next two weeks so that you are ready for our Christmas Service.
Have a good practise and delight your grown ups by singing to them.
From Mrs Moss and all of the teachers x x

4 times table

Hello Blue Class,

You have worked very hard to learn your 3 times table over the past 3 weeks. We are now moving on to learn the 4 times table and corresponding division facts. We will keep revisiting the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables so that we don't forget them!

Learning them at home is a great help. Here are some ideas for you.

  1. First, practise counting in 4s.
  2. Then, write the 4 times table out and see if you notice any patterns that might help you.
  3. After that, identify those that you already know by heart.
  4. Next, choose 2 tricky times table facts a day to keep going over until you have memorised them.

If you practise regularly you'll soon know them by heart. Once you know your 4 times table you'll be able to recall the corresponding division facts too.

Ask your parents to play games with you which involve recalling the 4 times table and corresponding division facts.

Keep working hard. It will be worth it!

from Miss Townsend x

Extra Layers

Now that the colder weather is here please ensure you have extra warm layers with you on the days you go to Forest School, particularly an extra pair of thick socks. Many of you are bringing in hats, scarves and gloves. Please check that they have your name in to avoid things getting lost.

Thank you.

from Miss Townsend xxx

Times tables

Hello children,
You have been learning your 3 times table and corresponding division facts really well. Well done! We will spend one more week on this times table before moving onto the 4 times table. So, next week keep practising those that are still a bit tricky e.g. 7 x 3 and all of the corresponding division facts i.e. 27 ÷ 3. If you know all of them by heart then start to challenge yourself by answering questions such as 40 x 3 and 210 ÷ 3.
Happy learning!
from Miss Townsend xxx


Dear Children,
Jasmine, Dylan and Isobel, who are chicken carers, have chosen the names for our new chickens.
Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas. They were all great.
We have chosen:
1. Black Beauty for the black chicken (named by Erin and Jake);
2. Coco for the brown, speckled chicken (named by Darcey); and
3. Yvette for the brown chicken (named by Lilia).
Yvette has the same name as a chicken in the book 'Mr Chicken goes to Paris' and Lilia met Leigh Hobbs the author of the book and her inspiration for the name came from this book.
We hope you enjoy meeting the chickens soon!
From Mrs Moss x x

Our World Celebration

Wow Blue Class! Very well done on your three performances this afternoon. Your singing was brilliant and it was lovely to hear so many children singing beautifully together. It would be lovely to do something again with children from Charford and Millfields so we will have to get our thinking caps on for some new ideas.
from Miss Townsend xx


Dear Children,
Three chickens will be arriving over half term to be part of the Blackwell team. We are looking for names for them. Please write any ideas down and hand them in to me by the start of next half term.
Have a lovely holiday.
From Mrs Moss x x

School Wall

For those of you who have been eager to earn lots of stars on the School Wall there are two new activities linked to Planet Earth for you to have a go at. If you haven't been on the School Wall recently why not have a go to develop your learning further.

I hope you enjoy them.

Miss Townsend xxx


Well done for all of the fantastic homework you have been producing from Victorian games to Save our Planet poems! I can tell that you have been working very hard and are enjoying the range of tasks you can choose from. The amount of reading you are doing at home is great too and helping you with your learning. Keep it up! Daily reading and completing one piece of work each week to a high standard will help you prepare for middle school. Later on in the year, particularly for Year 4 children, you may want to do more than one piece a week!
Unfortunately we forgot to give you your homework books tonight. Whoops! However, the homework sheet can be found on the school website and we can stick your homework into your books on Monday.
Have a good weekend.
from Miss Townsend xxx

Tag Rugby

Hello Blue Class,
Remember that we are starting to learn tag rugby skills in P.E. lessons from next week so remember to bring trainers, suitable for running on grass and possibly getting muddy, in a carrier bag on Monday's or Tuesday's.
Have a good weekend.

From Miss Townsend x

Black Country Living Museum

Thank you children for a very enjoyable day at the Black Country Living Museum. Your behaviour was excellent and you asked lots of great questions to help you learn more about the lives of Victorian children. I particularly enjoyed visiting Samuel's house, being taught at St. James's School and playing with some of the Victorian toys.
Visit the School Wall to take part in an activity linked to today's trip.
Have a good weekend and I'll see you on Monday when we'll be starting to create our Victorian magazine.
Love from Miss Townsend xxx

Super start

Well done to Blue Class for a super start to the new academic year. Your enthusiasm and excellent attitude towards our Victorian topic has been a delight to see and I look forward to helping your learning develop further and to the successful creation of your own Victorian magazine.

Enjoy your Victorian homework and remember to keep reading regularly at home. Next week we will start guided reading where we can enjoy reading and learning about texts together.

See you tomorrow,

from Miss Townsend xxx

September News

Click below to find out the exciting learning for the start of this term...


Year 5s

Hello to all of the children who are about to start at their new middle school. I hope you have all had a good holiday, had lots of fun and plenty of rest. I wish you all the very best at your new school. Keep working hard and do the best that you can do. If you are passing Blackwell pop in and tell us how you are getting on.

All the very best,

love from Miss Townsend x

Blue Class September 2013

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays and have had lots of fun and a good rest. I am very much looking forward to school starting again next week where we will be learning all about what it was like to be a Victorian child. If you are able to before you return to school try and find out 3 interesting things about life for a Victorian child which you will be able to share with our new class. It might be something about their clothing, toys, school or even work! I have planned lots of exciting learning for our new topic and it might also involve a trip too!
Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I'll see you all very soon.
from Miss Townsend x