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Blue Class News

 Blue Class News

New Year 5s

Hello to all the new Year 5s from Blue Class,

I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for your new exciting adventures at middle school to begin! I imagine you have all enjoyed sorting your new pencil cases and packing your bags. I hope you all have a lovely first day (having a few nerves is normal though) and keep remembering everything we have taught you at Blackwell - be kind, try your best and have fun!

I will miss all of you very much so you must pop in and let us know how you are getting on if you pass by.

All the very best.

Love from Miss Townsend and everyone at BFS xxx

Blue Class in September

Hello new Blue Class,Image result for chimneysweep

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and are having lots of fun and rest in preparation for a very exciting year ahead! As you know, our first topic is The Victorians and the super art work you did when we spent an afternoon together is proudly on display in your new classroom ready for your return. We have planned lots of exciting and challenging learning for you during this topic including a trip to a Victorian town. I thought it might be fun to dress up as Victorians too on the trip to help us really feel like we've stepped back in time.

With plenty of time left before you come back to school, you might like to get your brains buzzing and do your own learning at home. Life was very varied during the Victorian times with many different jobs for men, women and children such as miners, chimney sweeps, bakers, blacksmiths, servants, stable hands, bankers... Have a go at researching some of these and choose a job you find interesting (not necessarily one that you would want!). You can then choose how you want to present what you've discovered. You may want to:

* produce a diary describing what life was like;

* create art work showing what the job was like;

* produce a job advert;

* role play what it was like;

* make a board game linked to the job;

* produce a timeline of a typical day...

The choice is yours. You can bring in any work you do on the first day back and share it with the class.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I’ll see you bright and breezy on Wednesday 5th September. I’m really looking forward to it.

From Miss Townsend xxx

P.S. Remember to pick up and enjoy a book too and revisit those times tables you learned with Mrs Dudek to check that you know them by heart. It will make such a difference to your learning when you come back to school.

Thank You and Happy Holidays

Thank you to all of Blue Class for such a lovely last day of term and for all your kind gifts and messages. You have all had a brilliant year working with such great enthusiasm, dedication, smiles and kindness. You've been an absolute pleasure to teach and you have given me lots of happy memories of all the things we have shared together this year.

Well done for this morning too. You performed brilliantly. Many grown ups told me how amazing they thought you were and I know your Malvern retell was a big hit! I hope you had a fantastic swimming and pizza party after school and you can now have a well deserved rest after such a busy last few months. 

I will miss you all tremendously but I wish you all the very best at middle school. Please come back and see us and tell us how you are getting on. Also, keep an eye on the school website at the start of the new term because I will post a message to you. You can't get rid of me that quickly!

Have a good rest over the summer and keep safe.

Lots of love

Miss Townsend xxx

End of term

Just a few bits and pieces before the end of term...

1. Well done Blue Class for raising the most amount of money during our Build A Business project. Dogs Trust will be delighted with a donation of over £100. Because of your incredible hard work, we have decided to spend some of your profit setting up and enjoying an ice cream factory before the end of term. Yum yum!

2. A final day tradition at BFS, is for P.E. tops to be signed by friends and teachers. We have done so much sport recently in very hot weather that it would be nice if they were clean before they are signed. Therefore, the children will bring P.E. kits home before the end of the week but then, if you wish for your child to have it signed, please send it back to school ready for Tuesday. The children can bring pens in too ready for signing.

3. The children have 'Top Secret' homework at the moment in preparation for our Leavers' Breakfast. Even though it is 'Top Secret', please can parents check they are doing it!

4. It would be helpful if the children had a couple of carrier bags in their book bags over the next few days to help transport things home.

5. The Leavers' Breakfast will begin straight after registration on Tuesday morning so families are welcome to come straight into the hall when you have dropped the children off. It will last approximately one hour and there will be refreshments and entertainment to enjoy.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

Sporting Stars

Well done Blue Class for being my sporting stars this week. We had a lovely day yesterday at the bell boating regatta and to come second in all six races was an amazing achievement. This was down to your terrific teamwork, resilience, stamina and  determination. Similarly today, you showed all of these skills again as we enjoyed a BCM Sporting Championship involving rounders, athletics and racquet sports. When taking part in any sport, our main aim is for you to enjoy it and learn new skills. Winning is always a bonus so well done if you were in the Great Britain team who won gold overall and if you won a silver or bronze medal. But also very well done if you were awarded a special certificate for showing certain behaviours such as honesty, encouragement, kindness...

I have been very proud of all of you during our sporting adventures and you should be proud of yourselves too.

I'll see you in the morning where a trip to the farm awaits!!!!

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

What a busy day!

Well done my super chefs! We managed to complete our mammoth challenge of baking and packaging over 720 flapjacks today! I was a little worried this morning that this task was too big but with excellent team work and baking skills we did it!

The last four weeks have certainly been busy for us but you have worked so hard throughout and you should be really proud of your learning and other personal skills you have developed such as taking telephone orders with such confidence. I haven't calculated how much money you have raised yet (some of you might like to help me next week) but I know Dogs Trust will be delighted with your donation.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your tasty treats and I would like to thank all of your grown ups at home, grandparents, neighbours, Brownie leaders... etc for supporting our business venture.

I'll hopefully see lots of you tomorrow at the Summer Fair where your plant pots and candle holders will be proudly on display.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

Tasty Treat Takeaway Service update

Order forms and descriptions of the children’s flapjack treats have been sent home in book bags today. It was stated that the Commonwealth bar can be dairy free but this delicious treat can be gluten free too.

We look forward to receiving your order forms in the morning or taking your orders over the phone tomorrow afternoon.

Many thanks.

Bell boating this Thursday - important information

Hello Everyone,

We are off bell boating tomorrow so you can come to school in jogging bottoms and trainers. We are enjoying such beautiful weather at the moment but it comes with a health warning particularly as we are on water and outside for most of the day. Therefore the following is essential:

- a sun hat

- application of suncream before school and then bring in the cream so you can reapply

- several drinks

- parental choice of wearing a long sleeved cotton top to cover up

Mrs Barker will be providing a packed lunch for those who have ordered a lunch from the kitchen but please can everyone bring a small rucksack (as they did for Malvern) to put their lunch, drinks and suncream in.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow very much but it's really important we all stay safe in this beautiful sunny weather.

Thank you. Let the training begin ready for the Bromsgrove Regatta!

Miss Townsend xxx

Tasty Treat Takeaway service

Dear Parents,

As part of our ‘Build a Business’ project, Blue Class is setting up a Tasty Treat Takeaway Service. They are beavering away at the moment conducting market research, designing products, developing cooking skills and learning how to write persuasive texts. Year 4 life at the moment is extremely busy with trips, bell boating and transition work with a bit of learning thrown in for good measure too! Therefore, their business has a narrow opening window. Next Wednesday (27th June), they will bring home persuasive texts they have written themselves advertising their tasty treats along with some order forms. We would then like orders to come back the following day or, more excitingly, the children will be operating the school telephone to take your orders on Thursday 28th June between 2.00 – 2.45pm. Ingredients will then be purchased that evening based on the orders they have received and then we will spend all day on Friday 29th June in the kitchen baking the treats. These will then be freshly delivered to you on the playground on Friday after school.

It would be very much appreciated if you could support their business venture. Further details will be shared with you when they bring home their persuasive texts but the children have come up with a few clever surprises which will hopefully persuade yourselves, grandparents, aunts and uncles to make an order. They have decided that the profit they make will be sent to Dogs Trust charity which seemed to be a familiar charity amongst many of the children.

Many thanks for your continued support. There are certainly lots of budding entrepreneurs in Blue Class!

Miss Townsend

We've returned... safe, happy and very VERY tired!

Welcome home everyone. What a brilliant time we've had at Malvern! As well as saying a big well done, Mrs Moss and I would also like to say a big thank you to you all for making our 2018 residential to Malvern a lovely experience! Your attitude from the moment we stepped off the coach was fantastic, giving everything a go with smiles on your faces and having endless amounts of energy (it's a shame the latter can't be said for the two grown ups!!!).  You enjoyed challenging yourself throughout, achieving things that seemed a bit scary beforehand, such as the climbing wall, zip wire and the tunnel of doom and for many of you even the fact that you managed to stay away from home for the very first time was a huge achievement. It was lovely to see how kind and supportive towards your friends you were when they needed that extra bit of courage! James and Charlie both said they had such a lovely few days with us with your excellent behaviour, cheerfulness and willingness to give everything a go and were very sad to see us go.

Please tell your grown ups all about your trip and I'm sure they will be delighted when you tell them that you all now know how to keep a room spotless and how to make your own sandwiches!!!

Sleep tight tonight (I'm sure some of you might be asleep already) and I'll see you in the morning albeit a little sleepy!

Love from Miss Townsend and Mrs Moss xxx

Only 3 more sleeps to go!

Hello Blue Class,

Only three more sleeps to go! I'm very excited and am all packed, ready and raring to go!

It is important to check that you have everything on the kit list that was sent home a few weeks ago. To keep you all safe, it is really important you have suncream, a sunhat, a refillable water bottle, a waterproof coat and wellies. If it looks like Monday is going to be a sunny day, it would be a good idea to put suncream on before you come to school and wear your sunhat so that when we get there we can start our activities straight away and not have to search through bags for them.

Those children who are taking any form of medication i.e. travel sickness pills, brown inhalers etc. need to arrive at school on Monday at 8am so that appropriate forms can be signed and then I will take the medications from you for safe storage.

We'll have a chat today and check that we all know what we need to bring, wear and do on Monday morning. You don't need to worry about anything but having a few butterflies is perfectly normal. Mrs Moss and I will check that everyone is sorted and happy and I know you will all have a wonderful time. 

Love from your fellow holiday maker, Miss Townsend xx

P.S. After such a busy three days, we will be exhausted when we return home. Therefore, on Thursday, registers will remain open until 10am. I will be in the classroom though at the normal time albeit a little sleepy!

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Happy Half Term

Well... what a busy half term we've had! Well done for working so hard during the last few weeks. It's lovely to see the progress you are making with your learning and Blue Class continues to be such a happy place to learn with your positive, motivated and cheerful attitudes. 

I want you all to have a good rest this half term with plenty of time to play and relax. When we return, the hard work and excitement continues. We have a business to build and a residential to pack for! 

Enjoy the holidays.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx


Our Tudor topic has now come to an end. For your homework this weekend, I would like you to do the following:

  • practise the 9 times table until you know it by heart (within 3 seconds) and out of order including the corresponding division facts i.e. 63 ÷ 9 = 7
  • practise spelling any of the following tricky words you still find challenging: occasion, occasionally, often, opposite, ordinary, particular, peculiar, perhaps, popular, position, possess, possession, potatoes, possible, pressure, probably, promise, purpose, quarter, question, recent, regular, reign, remember, sentence and separate
  • think about a sporting person you admire and what your reasons are ready to share with us on Monday

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy watching the royal wedding if you're planning on watching it. I certainly will be!

from Miss Townsend xxx

Terrific Tudor Times

What a great Tudor Fayre we had this morning! Showcasing all of your hardwork during this topic was lovely to see and it was topped off brilliantly with your fantastic costumes. We had so many lovely comments from our visitors. Some of these were:

'The dungeon was really scary with the rats and spiders. The poem was great.'

'Watching the Tudor dancing was very entertaining.'

'Excellent decorations and superb costumes.'

'I received a very warm welcome and I loved the doorway and the drawbridge.'

'I have learned such a lot about the Tudor times. Your reports were very informative.'

'I loved designing my Coat of Arms.'

'You have all clearly worked so hard. Well done.'

What lovely comments. I was really proud of all of you today. You have all worked so hard during this topic and we still have lots more exciting learning and events to come.

Well done my Super Stars!

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

What's the time?

This week, we have being trying very hard to develop our time telling skills. We have been looking at the time on analogue clocks and converting them into a 24 hour digital time. There has been lots of new learning, lots of concentration and lots of resilience shown. Well done.

It would be really helpful if you continue with this learning at home as with extra practice you will begin to find it easier. Perhaps ask a grown up or older brother or sister to help you. Tricky examples have included converting 20 to 8 in the evening to 19:40 (a common mistake is 20:40) and remember to always have 2 digits either side of the colon e.g. 5 past 4 in the morning is 04:05.

Well done once again for excellent attitudes towards your learning.

See you in the morning,

from Miss Townsend xxx


What a super week!

Hello Children,

What a super week we've had! We had such an enjoyable (albeit a little chilly) castle trip on Monday where we found it very exciting to see all of those things we have learned about in school in real life such as where Queen Elizabeth's dancing room was, seeing for ourselves just how tricky running up the steep banks would have been for the enemy and ambling through the Elizabethan Gardens like royalty! The whirlwind of questions you showered me with and the eagerness to discover more about the castle throughout the day was a pleasure to see and made it a lovely day for all of the adults too.

Report writing, learning a Tudor dance, becoming more fluent at our 7 times table, telling the time on analogue clocks have been just a few of the other areas of learning but what a way to end such a busy week  ... the amazing creations of your dungeon creatures! They are brilliant and I'm sure your grownups will get a bit of a surprise when they come and visit our Tudor Fayre.

Have a lovely long weekend and I'll see you on Tuesday.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

Castle trip - a reminder of what to bring

Hello Everyone,

On Monday, we are off on our castle trip and everyone needs a small backpack to carry their lunch in (even if you are having a lunch provided by Mrs Barker) and a water bottle that is well sealed! You may come to school in jogging bottoms and trainers and a hooded waterproof coat is essential in these April showers!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday for our castle adventure!


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