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Blue Class

Blue Class News

 Blue Class News

Blakesley Hall

Just a reminder for trip slips to be returned to school by tomorrow - Friday 19th September.


Many thanks.

Great first week back

Hello Children,


Well done for having such a great first week back at school and in Blue Class. You have all worked very hard, with great enthusiasm. I have just finished reading all of your fantastic letters you have written from soldiers in the trenches and they showed me just how much you have learned this week about WW1. Next week we will be learning how Blackwell was affected by the war. I know we are going to have a happy and exciting year from all of the kind, smiley and motivated children I have seen this week. Well done.


Have a lovely weekend. Keep enjoying your reading and choosing your first piece of homework. I will put an activity on the School Wall. If you are unsure how to use it, don't worry, you will be shown how to during the next few weeks. There will be plenty of stars, points and shields up for grabs all year!


See you on Monday.


From Miss Townsend xxx

Year 5s!

Hello to all the new Year 5s from Blue Class,


I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for your new exciting adventures at middle school to begin! I imagine you have all enjoyed sorting your new pencil cases and packing your bags. I hope you all have a lovely first day (having a few nerves is normal though) and keep remembering everything we have taught you at Blackwell - be kind, try your best and have fun!


Pop in and let us know how you are getting on if you pass by.


All the very best.


Love from Miss Townsend xxx


New Blue Class

Hello Blue Class,


I hope you have all had an enjoyable summer holiday and are looking forward to coming back to school. I will see you all bright and breezy on Wednesday morning where there will be lots of new things and exciting learning waiting for you!


See you very soon.


Love from Miss Townsend xxx

Thank you

Thank you to all of Blue Class for such a lovely last day of term and for all your kind gifts and messages. You have all had a brilliant year showing great enthusiasm and excellent attitudes to learning throughout. 


Year 4s... What can I say? You performed brilliantly during your breakfast this morning. I will miss you all tremendously but I wish you all the very best at middle school. Please come back and see us and tell us how you are getting on.


Have a good rest over the summer and I look forward to seeing the Year 3s in September.


Lots of love

Miss Townsend xxx


On Tuesday you will be taking home all of your work, P.E. bags and any other belongings. Please bring one or two large carrier bags to school with you to help you carry all of it home.


Year 4s

The tradition is that you have your P.E. top signed on the last day. Please check with your grown ups that you are allowed and bring in a marker pen to school to get it signed.


from Miss Townsend x

Leavers' breakfast

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder about our Year 4 leavers' breakfast next Tuesday where we will be celebrating your child's time at Blackwell First School. It will start at 8.40 and will last approximately an hour.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Many thanks,

Miss Townsend

Year 3s - Singmaker 2014

Just a reminder to all Year 3s that you need to bring two packed lunches for tomorrow and plenty to drink as you are at the Artrix all day and then have a performance in the evening. You will not need to bring your book bag or swimming kit to school.



Fantastic news!

Well done to all the bell-boaters today. You were fantastic with team B coming a brilliant third in their final, and team A coming an amazing second in theirs and second overall! Out of 30 teams too! That is an incredible achievement and I am extremely proud of all of you. That is the best bell boating achievement at Blackwell to date! The plaque will be pride of place in the entrance hall soon.

You're all super stars!

from Miss Townsend xxx



Good Luck

Good luck to all the children taking part in the Bromsgrove bell-boating regatta today. Try your best and enjoy yourselves!


from Miss Townsend xxx

Bell boating

Just a reminder to Y4 children to have a sun hat, sun cream and packed lunch (with at least 2 drinks) with them on Monday and Tuesday this week. Jogging bottoms and trainers can be worn to school on both days too.

Many thanks,

Miss Townsend

Sporting Stars

Well done to everyone for their great effort and sportsmanship during sports day. It was lovely to see you all taking part, trying your best, being competitive and enjoying yourselves. I would also like to say a special thank you to Mrs Webb for organising such a successful morning.

Your sport continues tomorrow - remember your swimming kits.

See you in the morning.

Miss Townsend xxx

P.S. I have put a sporting activity on the School Wall!

National School Sport Week

Hello Children,


This week is National School Sport Week so all of your learning will be focused on sport. Year 4s start the week bell-boating at Upton Warren and then on Thursday you are all taking part in our annual sports day. This year it has a World Cup theme and you will all be competing for a country - Spain, Australia, Brazil and Japan (unfortunately most of these countries have already been eliminated!) and at the end the World Cup champions will be revealed! In Literacy you will be writing poems linked to sport and in Art you will be creating a World Cup trophy to present to a child of your choice.


Fingers crossed the weather remains dry. Please remember to bring a sun hat, sun cream and water bottle with you to school each day so that you all keep safe taking part in the sports and at playtimes.


See you tomorrow for a week filled with sport.


Miss Townsend x

Bell boating days

Just a reminder that all Y4 children will need to come to school in jogging bottoms and trainers (wellies are not needed) on the three days that we are bell-boating. On each day the children need a packed lunch and at least 2 drinks and please ensure your child has a sun hat and sun cream with them.


Many thanks - yet more exciting times!


Miss Townsend

We're back!

I would like to say a big well done but also a big thank you to all Year 4 children who made our 2014 residential to Malvern a wonderful experience! Your attitude every day (and even this morning when late nights were beginning to take their toll) was fantastic, giving everything a go with smiles on your faces throughout.  You enjoyed challenging yourself throughout, achieving things that seemed a bit scary beforehand, such as the climbing wall, zip wire and the tunnel of doom!! Kate and Heather told me as we left that your behaviour was so excellent that you made their three days really enjoyable and with your brilliant co-operation, desire to learn and positivity they only wished we could come and stay each week!


Please tell your grown ups all about your trip (maybe tomorrow after a good night sleep) and I'm sure they will be delighted when you tell them that you all now know how to make your own bed and your own sandwiches!!!


Sleep tight tonight, have a lie in if you can and I'll see you bright and breezy in the morning.


Love from Miss Townsend xxx


Malvern news

Hello Everyone back at school,


Here we are in sunny Malvern. We arrived at 10.30am and have had a great walk up the beacon this afternoon. Tonight we will be on a Wild Wood Walk and orienteering! Everything is lovely and we are all happy.


Love from Mrs Moss, Miss Townsend and all of the children in Year 4 x x

Farmer's Market

Just a reminder that Blue and Green Classes will be running an organic farmer's market on the playground this Thursday at 2.45pm - 3.15pm. There will be plants and tasty treats for you to buy.

Monday Morning

All of the children are extremely excited about our trip next week and have been asking LOTS of questions! So I have put a few reminders for them on here to hopefully clarify some things.

  • Children do not need to come to school in school uniform
  • Children will not need their book bags
  • Homework can be handed in the following Monday
  • Children need to bring their lunch and drink in a small rucksack (food and drinks are only needed for Monday lunchtime)
  • Children need to bring a water bottle so it can be used during the three days
  • Wellies, sun hats and sun cream are essential!