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 Blue Class News

Year 5s!

Hello to all the new Year 5s from Blue Class,

I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for your new exciting adventures at middle school to begin! I imagine you have all enjoyed sorting your new pencil cases and packing your bags. I hope you all have a lovely first day (having a few nerves is normal though) and keep remembering everything we have taught you at Blackwell - be kind, try your best and have fun!

I will miss all of you very much so you must pop in and let us know how you are getting on if you pass by.

All the very best.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

It's nearly time!

Hello Blue Class,

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and have had lots of rest in preparation for a very exciting year ahead! As you know, our first topic is The Romans. I have planned lots of exciting and challenging learning for you including puppet making, investigating what life was like in Britain before and after the Roman invasion, learning a great Roman song and going on a trip to a real Roman villa! 

With another week left before you come back to school, you might like to get your brains buzzing and do your own learning about The Romans at home. You might want to make something linked to The Romans, do some art work, write a Roman story or create a fact sheet. The choice is yours. You can bring your learning to school on the first day back and share it with the class. I will also put some activities on the School Wall for you to have a go at where there will be lots of stars up for grabs.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I’ll see you bright and breezy on Monday 5th September. I’m really looking forward to it.

From Miss Townsend xxx

P.S. Remember to pick up and enjoy a book this week too! It will make such a difference to your learning when you come back to school.

A Big Thank You and Happy Holidays!

Thank you to all of Blue Class for such a lovely last day of term and for all your kind gifts and messages. You have all had a brilliant year working with such great enthusiasm, dedication and smiles. You've been an absolute pleasure to teach.

Year 4s... What can I say? You performed brilliantly during your breakfast this morning. Many grown ups told me how amazing they thought you were! I hope you've had a fantastic swimming party and you can now have a well deserved rest after such a busy last few months. I will miss you all tremendously but I wish you all the very best at middle school. Please come back and see us and tell us how you are getting on. Also, keep an eye on the school website at the start of the new term because I will post a message to you.

Have a good rest over the summer and I look forward to seeing the Year 3s in September.

Lots of love

Miss Townsend xxx


It is tradition on the last day of term for the Year 4 leavers to have their P.E. t-shirt or blue polo shirt signed by other children and staff.  If you would like your child to take part, please send them with the top to be signed in their bookbag and a couple of pens.


Many thanks.

Warm weather

It is going to be very hot and sunny over the next few days so it is really important that you all bring a sunhat and water bottle to school to keep you safe. 


Year 4s, we are taking part in more sporting events with Millfields and Charford on Wednesday at Blackwell so all of the above is essential along with wearing suncream. Remember to bring your P.E. kits back to school too!


See you in the morning when I'll look forward to hearing all of our leavers' news about their new schools!


Love from Miss Townsend :) 

We've returned... safe, happy and very VERY tired!

Welcome home everyone. What a brilliant time we've had at Malvern! As well as saying a big well done, Mrs Moss and I would also like to say a big thank you to you all for making our 2016 residential to Malvern a wonderful experience! Your attitude from the moment we stepped off the coach was fantastic, giving everything a go with smiles on your faces throughout.  You enjoyed challenging yourself throughout, achieving things that seemed a bit scary beforehand, such as the climbing wall, zip wire and the tunnel of doom and you were so kind and supportive towards your friends when they needed that extra bit of courage!! Kate and James told us that they had such a lovely few days with us with your excellent behaviour, brilliant co-operation, desire to learn and positivity and were very sad to see us go.

Please tell your grown ups all about your trip (some of you might need to explain why there is more mud inside your wellie than on the outside and why your white socks have turned into brown socks) and I'm sure they will be delighted when you tell them that you all now know how to keep a room spotless and how to make your own sandwiches!!!

Sleep tight tonight and have a well earned rest this weekend. I'll let you off homework this week too!

Love from Miss Townsend and Mrs Moss xxx


Hello Year 4s,

Only two more sleeps to go! I'm very excited and am all packed, ready and raring to go!

It is important to check that you have everything on the kit list that was sent home a few weeks ago. To keep you all safe, it is really important you have suncream, a sunhat, a refillable water bottle, a waterproof coat and wellies. If it looks like Wednesday is going to be a sunny day, it would be a good idea to put suncream on before you come to school and wear your sunhat so that when we get there we can start our activities straight away and not have to search through bags for them.

We'll have a chat tomorrow and check that we all know what we need to bring, wear and do on Wednesday morning. You don't need to worry about anything. Mrs Moss and myself will check that everyone is sorted and happy and I know you will all have a wonderful time.

Love from your fellow holiday maker, Miss Townsend xxx


Bell boating

Just a reminder that Year 4s are off bell boating tomorrow (Monday) so they need to come to school in jogging bottoms and trainers.  The weather forecast at the moment looks like it's going to be sunny so please send your child to school wearing sun cream and with a sun hat. However, in case this forecast is wrong, please can you also send your child with a waterproof coat and spare clothes like last time. Fingers crossed the weather forecast is right!


Many thanks.

Year 4 bell boating

Tomorrow, we are off bell boating but unfortunately it looks like it is going to be a typically British summer's day with lots of rain forecast!! This won't stop us though but please send your child to school in jogging bottoms, trainers and a waterproof coat (with a hood). We will use our waterproof trousers. It would also be helpful if you could send spare clothes to school including socks just in case we do need to get changed into dry clothes when we return to school.


Many thanks,


Miss Townsend

British Sport

Hello Blue Class,

What a lovely week we've had learning all about 'British Sport'! I'm looking forward to more learning next week leading up to our Sports Day on Friday where we will be running, skipping and having fun with lots of team games. Year 3s, for your homework this weekend, why not research a little about your favourite British sporting star? You can present what you have found out in your own way i.e. poster, leaflet, PowerPoint, art... and bring it in to show us all on Monday. Year 4s your homework is on the sheet given to you this afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend and I'lll see you next week for some more exciting learning about British Sport.


Love from Miss Townsend xxx

What a lovely afternoon!

Well done children for planning and running the arts festival this afternoon. Your performances of 'The Nokken' and 'Peter and the Wolf' were extremely entertaining, your singing was fantastic and the solo and duet performers showed off their talents brilliantly.  Your parents had a lovely time and should be very proud of you.


Have a good weekend and plenty of rest as next week we start our British Sports topic and will be preparing for our Sports Day.


Love from Miss Townsend xxx

Swimming and bell-boating

This week sees the start of swimming (for all blue class children) and bell boating (Y4s only). Your child will need the following:

For swimming:

  • swimming costume (no bikinis), trunks or swimming shorts (must be above the knee)
  • towel
  • hair brush and bobble for those with hair longer than shoulder length
  • no earrings

For bell boating:

  • jogging bottoms and trainers (they can wear these to school)
  • water bottle
  • sun hat
  • water proof coat


Many thanks

Happy Easter

Well done children for another enjoyable half term. You've all worked very hard and achieved lots of things you should be very proud of...

* planning and running your own prehistoric museum

* showing great curiosity at Singer's Hill syngagogue

* perservering when learning to tell the time in maths

* writing detailed reports all about the Bronze or Iron Age

* super collage work showing what life was like in a hill fort

... I could go on!


So.. have a well deserved rest over the holiday and have a very Happy Easter!


Love from


Miss Townsend xxx

What a great morning!

Well done children for planning and running a great museum this morning. You all carried out your jobs very responsibly and I saw you grow in confidence as the morning went on. We had some very colourful shields created, lots of new things learned by the grown ups who read your reports and the dinosaur biscuits went down a treat!


So... what next?


Next week, we will enjoy learning more about the festival of Easter which will involve a visit to St. Catherine's Church, reading poems and even more art.


Once again, well done for this morning. I am very proud to see how you are all developing many important life skills and you should be too!


Love from Miss Townsend x