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Bromsgrove Learning Network

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As a Bromsgrove and wider district school, we have worked to develop the educational experiences and outcomes for the children in our school by working collaboratively with other local schools for a number of years. This has enabled us to develop strong links to support transition between schools and an equal experience for our children. As the educational landscape changes nationally, with a focus on schools working more formally together alongside a reduced service from Local Authorities/ County Councils, we have formalised our collaborative work within the Bromsgrove District to create closer links and working relationships between our schools. Each of the twenty-one Bromsgrove District schools works within a small group of schools and is also as part of the wider Bromsgrove Learning Network. Our vision is outlined below.


Bromsgrove Learning Network- Our Vision

To work collaboratively, in the supportive and challenging capacity of school improvement, to ensure that all schools in the network are provided with systems and support that enable them to maintain strong provision and outcomes.

We use the opportunities that this collaborative working provides to develop school leadership, teaching and learning, administration and Governance. The children gain from the shared expertise of staff across the network and wider opportunities within the network for collaborative experiences. As a group of school leaders we feel strongly that together we will ensure that Bromsgrove remains an excellent place for children to learn.

Latest Class News

Written on 30/11/2018, 17:22
friday-fanfare-autumn-8Hello Red Class, What a super end to our topic! The children enjoyed visiting each classroom, working with different members of staff and finding out...
Written on 23/11/2018, 14:33
friday-fanfare-autumn-7Hola, Red Class! This week, we’ve been singing Spanish songs! We’re hoping to film our Spanish action song next week and then every class will watch our...
Written on 16/11/2018, 19:03
cross-country-championsThe children had a very exhausting but happy and successful Cross Country event on Wednesday. They competed against three other Bromsgrove schools and...
Written on 16/11/2018, 14:24
friday-fanfare-autumn-6Dear Red Class, Do you remember Monday? It was filled with flamenco dancing and taste testing Spanish foods. There was a mixed reaction to the homemade...
Written on 09/11/2018, 17:42
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Written on 09/11/2018, 17:41
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Written on 09/11/2018, 14:18
friday-fanfare-autumn-5Hello Red Class, This week, we explored ‘Remembrance’. We spent the week listening to war songs, such as, “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary,” drawing poppies...
Written on 09/11/2018, 11:32
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Written on 09/11/2018, 11:23
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Written on 09/11/2018, 10:24
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Written on 09/11/2018, 08:06
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Written on 09/11/2018, 07:57
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Written on 03/11/2018, 21:06
hello-purpleHello Purple Class, I hope you are all well and have had a lovely week's break from school. You were so brilliant in your class assembly on the last day...
Written on 01/11/2018, 20:25
a-brilliant-startHello Green Class Families, We hope you are having a great half term and are enjoying a much needed break. The children had a brilliant first half term...
Written on 25/10/2018, 18:36
oct-18Hello Children, What a super first half term you have had in Blue Class! You have worked very hard and are stepping up to the higher expectations now you...
Written on 19/10/2018, 19:06
friday-fanfare-autumn-4Hello Red Class, Following our story, ‘Tattybogle’, we built a scarecrow in the forest today. It's nearly ready for the Blackwell Scarecrow Festival. It...
Written on 12/10/2018, 17:20
friday-fanfare-autumn-3Hello Red Class, What a windy day! Due to high winds, we were unable to visit Forest School, but we managed some outdoor learning in our outdoor area...
Written on 08/10/2018, 13:05
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Written on 08/10/2018, 13:04
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Written on 08/10/2018, 13:02
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Written on 05/10/2018, 17:40
friday-fanfare-autumn-2Hello Red Class, This week, we started our ‘Planet Earth’ topic. Our project is to create a poster about a very special and local part of Planet...
Written on 28/09/2018, 17:24
where-the-wild-things-areWell done for a super school trip today. Thank you to all the grown ups who helped the children to learn and to stay safe and thank you children for...
Written on 27/09/2018, 16:08
red-class-tripHello Red Class, Tomorrow, we're off on our school trip to Bishop's Wood. Wear your usual Forest School clothes (jogging bottoms, trainers and your...
Written on 21/09/2018, 13:38
friday-fanfare-autumn-1Hello Red Class, Well done for completing your first full week at school. You’ve settled very well into your afternoon clubs and Mrs Roberts, Mrs Reid...
Written on 14/09/2018, 13:04
day-8-in-red-classHello Red Class, You’ve made such a fantastic start to school. I can’t believe how much you’ve learnt in just two weeks. Today, we even started to blend...
Written on 13/09/2018, 13:22
day-7-in-red-classHello Red Class, Wow! I was amazed to see so many children walking into school without their grown up this morning and completing their morning routine...
Written on 12/09/2018, 17:33
day-in-6-in-red-classHello Red Class, Well done for completing your first Write Dance today. We looked at photos of a volcano and I showed you a volcano dance. You watched...
Written on 11/09/2018, 17:40
day-4-and-5-in-red-classHello Red Class, Mrs Barker and Mrs Roberts have been very impressed with your super speedy eating and I can tell lots of you have been practising with...
Written on 11/09/2018, 11:09
fgkjhkjdshlkgjsYour child will bring a trip letter home today but in addition to the information on the letter: If your child would like to come dressed up as a...
Written on 11/09/2018, 11:09
fglkdfhgkldYour child will bring a trip letter home today but in addition to the information on the letter: If your child would like to come dressed up as a...