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Written on 23/11/2017, 16:47
24-11-17This weekend, your homework is to check you know your part of The Willow Pattern Story retell and to learn your individual lines by heart ready for...
Written on 17/11/2017, 18:46
friday-fanfare-08Hello Red Class, Thank you for supporting Pudsey this morning. You looked fantastic and raised a lot of money for Children in Need. We spotted a lot of...
Written on 17/11/2017, 16:06
children-in-needWhat can I say! I am so incredibly proud of the children in Blue Class who decided a few weeks ago they would like to raise money for Children in Need....
Written on 13/11/2017, 21:54
missing-shoesDear Families, It was lovely to meet with you all last week to discuss what a great job all the children are doing in Green Class. On Friday, a pair of...
Written on 10/11/2017, 18:49
friday-fanfare-07Hello Red Class, Another great week in Red. We've practised reading words, phrases and sentences using w, x, y and z and also started to retell the story...
Written on 10/11/2017, 16:49
a-good-start-to-our-new-topicHello Children, It was lovely to chat to your grown ups this week and share how well you are doing with your learning. Your parents were very proud when...
Written on 05/11/2017, 18:33
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Written on 05/11/2017, 18:31
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Written on 05/11/2017, 18:29
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Written on 05/11/2017, 18:28
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Written on 05/11/2017, 18:22
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Written on 05/11/2017, 18:20
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Written on 05/11/2017, 18:18
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Written on 05/11/2017, 18:13
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Written on 03/11/2017, 17:52
friday-fanfare-06Hello Red Class, Well done for a super first week back at school. You’ve made a great start to our new topic, 'Festivals Around the World'. On Monday,...
Written on 02/11/2017, 18:47
forest-school-todayDear Families,  To ensure that we could visit Forest School this week, we decided to visit Forest School today (Thursday, 2nd November). We used our...
Written on 28/10/2017, 20:37
new-topicHello Green Class, We hope you have had a super half term and we are looking forward to seeing you on Monday to start our new topic. We are so proud of...
Written on 20/10/2017, 15:50
friday-fanfare-05Hello Red Class, Well done for an excellent first half term at school. You’ve achieved so much already and I’m really proud of the progress that you’ve...
Written on 19/10/2017, 17:05
19-10-17Hello Children, Well done for a super first half term in Blue Class. I have been extremely impressed by your attitudes towards learning and, because of...
Written on 13/10/2017, 18:15
friday-fanfare-04Hello Red Class, We started our new ‘Art Journey’ books this week. This special book will stay with you as you move from Reception to Year 4 and will be...
Written on 13/10/2017, 17:47
blue-class-baking-successWell done children for cooking and bringing in lots of delicious cakes and biscuits today for our cake sale. There certainly seemed a lot of people...
Written on 10/10/2017, 16:46
workshop-reminderHello Red Class Families, Our Reception workshop will start at 7pm in the school hall tomorrow (Wednesday, 11th October). We'll be sharing ideas to...
Written on 06/10/2017, 18:19
friday-fanfare-03Hello Red Class, Are you tired? I think I’ll soon be asleep with so much fresh air! Well done for a super school trip to Bishops Wood. You represented...
Written on 06/10/2017, 17:16
victorious-vikingsHi Yellow Team, Well done for a great start to the Vikings this week! We had a lovely trip on Monday and an introduction to 'Viking Rock' today......
Written on 06/10/2017, 16:44
b3412786rt8uyvhClick here for exciting Viking activities. The paper copy will come home on Monday.
Written on 05/10/2017, 16:58
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Written on 05/10/2017, 16:56
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Written on 05/10/2017, 16:51
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Written on 05/10/2017, 16:49
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