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Written on 18/10/2019, 19:57
red-friday-fanfare-18th-octoberHello Red Class, Today, Oak, Oak, Ash (Forest School version of Duck, Duck, Goose) was our introductory game. Games like this help us to understand how...
Written on 17/10/2019, 14:54
cardigans-and-jumpersHello Red Class Families, Just a quick message before our Friday Fanfare tomorrow. Please could all families check cardigans and jumpers and send any...
Written on 11/10/2019, 16:28
red-friday-fanfare-11th-octoberDear Red Class, This week, at Forest School, we explored leaves and why some trees lose their leaves in the autumn. We performed a counting song called...
Written on 04/10/2019, 15:52
red-friday-fanfare-4th-octoberHello Red Class, It was a wet and windy week. We started our new topic ‘Autumn’ and enjoyed a nice walk through Blackwell. The children had a special...
Written on 03/10/2019, 15:54
yellow-class-autumn-homeworkClick here for autumn homework
Written on 03/10/2019, 15:52
blue-class-autumn-homeworkClick here for autumn homework
Written on 30/09/2019, 12:00
bit3987bvt9Click here for autumn homework.
Written on 27/09/2019, 18:31
end-of-our-first-fascinating-topicWhat a lovely morning we've had today! You set up and ran the Memory Cafe so well and it was lovely to watch you enjoying chatting to our visitors,...
Written on 27/09/2019, 17:59
red-friday-fanfare-27th-septemberDear Red Class, Well done for another lovely week at school. We’ve learnt the sounds and actions for g, o, c, and k and read words containing these...
Written on 20/09/2019, 14:03
red-friday-fanfareDear Red Class, Well done for completing your first full week with clubs. You’ve been stretching in yoga, listening to stories and weaving in fine motor...
Written on 13/09/2019, 19:18
red-class-news-8Dear Red Class, Well done for completing your first full week.  You’ve settled well into your lunchtime routine and even tackled a jacket potato...
Written on 12/09/2019, 16:48
red-class-news-6-and-7Wednesday During Phonics, we played a robot game. I segmented a word, the children listened carefully to the sounds and then we performed the action. Try...
Written on 10/09/2019, 17:59
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Written on 10/09/2019, 17:52
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Written on 10/09/2019, 17:41
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Written on 10/09/2019, 17:30
red-class-news-5Dear Families, It was lovely to see some of the children walking through the door independently this morning. If your child decides to do this, the...
Written on 10/09/2019, 16:16
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Written on 10/09/2019, 13:25
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Written on 10/09/2019, 11:20
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Written on 10/09/2019, 10:59
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Written on 10/09/2019, 09:49
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Written on 10/09/2019, 09:36
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Written on 09/09/2019, 19:41
red-class-news-4Dear Families, It’s an evening blog tonight after the school run, swimming and then jobs around the house! I was very pleased that the children all...
Written on 06/09/2019, 18:57
welcomeWelcome to Green Class to all our families. The children have made a fantastic start to the new term and it’s hard to believe they’ve only been in for 3...
Written on 06/09/2019, 18:03
red-class-news-3Dear Families, Today was fantastic Friday with lots of super singing, dancing and answering questions. After listening games, our circle time was all...
Written on 06/09/2019, 17:53
fdssWell done Blue Class for a successful and very enjoyable first week back. Your enthusiasm for learning has been a pleasure to see and I know we are going...
Written on 06/09/2019, 15:27
welcome-backHello Yellow Class families, What a lovely week we have had! Well done Yellow Class for a great start to the year and for settling into your new...
Written on 05/09/2019, 16:35
red-class-news-2Dear Families, Another good day. We always start the day with listening games and today the children enjoyed being ‘fidget monitors’ and playing their...
Written on 04/09/2019, 17:38
red-class-news-1Dear Families, What a super first day at school! From playing listening games to learning a new penguin dance to playing in our new classroom and...
Written on 29/08/2019, 16:15
dflsghdkfjgHello to all the new Year 5s from Blue Class, I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for your new exciting adventures at middle...