Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

0121 445 1622


Dear Families,

Thank you to everyone who supported with our ‘childcare’ arrangements today. We were able to run a limited opening with the staff who were able to either walk or drive in. Thank you to staff. Thanks also to those parents who were able to keep children at home and enable those working in hospitals, emergency services and the police to make it into work.

Thankfully, we aim to open for a ‘normal’ day tomorrow (Wednesday). Please note the following:

  • Before School club opening from 8am;

  • Arrival between 8.20-9.30am to allow for a staggered start and less traffic arriving at the same time;

  • Blackwell Kitchen will provide lunch and tuck;

  • Green and Red Class ‘Nativity’ to take place as planned- please arrive at the church after 1.15pm as the doors will not open until 1.15pm;

  • Red and Green Class children with families at the church can return to change and then go home once changed;

  • All parents will need to wait on the pavement at collection time except for Nursery parents who can access the Nursery via the side path;

  • Green Class will exit the school via the front door (as Red Class);

  • Staggered hometime should be achieved by some 1.40pm collection for Y2-4, after ‘Nativity’ collection for Green and Red Classes and normal 3.15pm collection and

  • After School Club will operate as normal unless conditions deteriorate.

Thank you all for your patience and support and let’s hope that is it for bad weather this winter!

Best wishes,

Mrs Moss